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Listen To James Kennedy's New EP 'Blitz'

DJ/Producer James Kennedy from Bravo TV's hit series Vanderpump Rules just released his latest EP. On the new season of the hit reality show, fans are getting to know Kristen Doute's new boyfriend Kennedy, a staffer at SUR. But he's got ambitions beyond the food services industry—he's a musician too, and on his new EP, BLITZ, he's serving up a four-track set of club-ready anthems, with production help from Scheana Marie's husband Mike Shay. Hear the songs, including the dub-step-inspired anthem "Throw Your Dubs Up," below.

About Blitz EP 
I started the Blitz EP about six months ago knowing exactly what I wanted to come out of it. I wanted to make songs that were relevant now but also had that "radio feel". When it comes down to it having a catchy hook in the chorus of any track is going to give the song a certain vibe, I wanted to provide that vibe with an explosion following. "Blitz" is a trap music / EDM Ep. It consists of bass heavy drops and vocals chops, I wanted to keep all the tracks as different as possible but still keeping them under the same feel. 'Blitz" can be played on your way to the office or gym to get pumped, or it can be played at a festival stage blowing peoples faces off, either way I'm totally ok with it! As far as the artwork goes it was designed and made by a dope videographer/artist that goes by AJL. I told him I wanted something involving London since I'm from there but also because The Blitz was such a historic time for London that I feel like anything to do with a "lighting war" should be pretty intense! Overall Im very excited about this release and hope people vibe off to it as much as I do!

James breaks down each song from his new EP, and shares his inspiration behind each song, check it out below!

1. James Kennedy - Only You (Original Mix) Feat. Mike Shay & RoseBud

"Only You" is the first track on the EP because I felt like the opening of the chords in the beginning really set the upbeat positive tone and vibe I wanted for the whole EP. The track has vocals done by myself and Mike Shay as well as a chorus sang by the wonderful "RoseBud". As for the drop, I wanted to make something that not only bumps in the clubs and festivals but also in the car on the way to work or even the radio! That goes for the entire Ep now that I think about it!

2. James Kennedy - Throw Your Dubs Up Feat. BVillain & Bllaine

This track here is one of my favorites on the EP, I feel like between the vocals and the drop nothing like this has really been done before (as far as the general idea goes). Having my good mate BVillain screaming over a trap song sounded crazy, until we gave it a shot! As far as the drop goes, I am very happy with the way it  came out! The usage of that sound is so simple yet so effective. Everybody I play this too weather you like EDM or not they seem to really enjoy this track!

3. James Kennedy - W.A.T.A.M

W.A.T.A.M stands for "Wanting all that and more" .That can be taken however you want to take it, but a far as i go, its about the women! this song is just a fun banger I wanted to make. Something with a distorted vocal but still with that turnt up vibe! the drop entry is unexpected and the vocals I did really came out better than I thought too (considering I was in my closet at home!)

4. James Kennedy - Lights Out (Original Mix) Feat. RoseBud

This track here when it drops reminds me of a bomb going off! its almost as if its an underground sound coming from nowhere, but still hitting you dead in the face! again the chords are a great ending to the EP and I wanted to definitely take the listener onto a journey through all four tracks starting with "Only You" . All in all its specifically speaking about this song, it all goes down at the last drop! you'll just have to listen see!

You can purchase James' new EP on iTunes and Google Play

Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights at 9/8c on Bravo!

Source/Photo Credit: SuperBox, Bravo