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Kristen Doute: 'How Could Ariana Be So Immune To The Idea That Tom Could Be F---ing Her Over?'

Kristen Doute is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on the season premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules. Kristen says jealousy is the reason Tom criticizes James' "Beamer selfies" and knows when he's lying and "sleep posing." Kristen writes:

"What I love most about this episode is that I don't feel defensive writing about it. What everyone else thinks about Tom cheating on Ariana was written all over their faces. The bullsh-- was undeniable. The only real question was: "why do I care?!?"

While everyone loves to deflect and say it's none of my business (perhaps) -- when has that ever stopped me? My curiosity was first piqued because I was also mentioned in Miami girl's (aka Annemarie's) social media posts. At the time I was still very hurt that Tom had cheated and broken up with me. We were together for six years, you guys. It took me longer than it took him to get over it.

James made a good point at Rainbow Room: how could Ariana be so immune to the idea that Tom could be f---ing her over? Their relationship started based on a lie. He cheated on me, so what makes her so sure he wouldn't do it to her? In my experience, relationships like that will end the way that they started. Scheana says that Tom is "such a good liar" and Ariana then confirms that she "knows when Tom is lying"? I'm happy to be in a relationship where that's not a factor.

The look on Scheana's face throughout this entire episode says it all (but you can do your own investigating to make up your own mind). It's actually sad to watch Ariana constantly defend Tom's actions as if she were there in Miami. The boys were there for a job. They didn't NEED girls to accompany them anywhere. That photo of Tom "sleeping" is fake. If anyone knows the difference between Tom sleeping and sleep posing, it's me.

I also find it quite amusing for Tom to complain about my interest in exposing his infidelities when he spends the majority of his time bitching about James and insulting me. Pot, have you met kettle? His jealousy reared its hideous head again with the "Beamer Selfie" bullsh--. Oh yes, "James is such an ass" for being an adult and saving his money to buy himself a good car. Haha. (Let's note that there were many times throughout our relationship Tom was driving my car while I was paying his bills.)

I CAN thank him for breaking up with me though so that I could finally move on and become independent and happy. That hot 22-year-old Brit that everyone likes to poke fun of is sweet, charming, loving, and cherishes the ground I walk on -- what an amazing change."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo