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Katie Maloney: The Fight Nauseated Me

Katie Maloney is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Katie shares how she felt seeing her Tom in the middle of the fight -- and says this is the most pissed she's seen Lisa. Katie writes:

"So many cringe-worthy moments tonight, from the bar brawl to the staff meeting to the clever shot of Astroglide in Tom's apartment that I can't unsee.

Let me start with the bar brawl -- it nauseated me. Having only heard hazy recollections of the fight, watching it play out was way worse. I really didn't enjoy seeing my boyfriend get pounded on. Nor did I enjoy seeing him perpetuating it any further. I really hope that this was the last we have seen of this behavior! I commend Tom Sandoval for his apology video AND for his concealing skills.

Obviously, this situation was too familiar and I knew Lisa was going to be convinced that hiring Schwartz is the worst idea. I couldn't let that happened so I embarrassed myself by leaving in the middle of a shift to chase her up the street and beg her to at least still consider hiring him.

The staff meeting was so awkward, and, to be honest, I don't think I should have been required to endure it. After all, I was not in anyway involved in the debaucherous acts at Scheana's party -- and I had been behaving myself at work. Lisa was, clearly, the most pissed I had ever seen her, which is why I was shocked that she didn't fire everyone's ass. She didn't want to hire Schwartz at a completely separate from SUR restaurant yet she would allow a bunch of assholes to work a long side each other. My mind was blown."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo