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Katie Maloney Explains Why She Didn't Go To Scheana Marie's Party!

Katie Maloney is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on the season premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules. Katie explains why she's glad she didn't go to Scheana's party and says she's aware that everyone was going to act different towards her due to Stassi's return. Katie writes:

"I was well aware that Scheana had arranged plans for her birthday, but it was until two days before that she invited me. Scheana and I weren't on bad terms during this time, but I had been avoiding the group get-togethers. They were awkward and not my idea of having fun. Kristen and Scheana were hanging out a lot and knowing that she would be there along with Tom and Ariana was a recipe for disaster. I know Scheana wanted to just be friends with everyone, but in this group, that just doesn't work.

With that said, Stassi had just barely got back to town and was staying with me. We had been trying to get the girls together for a night out to welcome Stassi home, and we had already planned it for the same night Scheana was having her party. Of course I would prefer spending time with my best friend who I had only see in small doses, so that decision was simple for me. I was still nervous when Scheana asked me, because I already knew my answer, and I was prepared for her to take offense to my answer. I also became aware of the way everyone started acting toward me once Stassi came back into town, but I honestly could care less. I'm so happy I was there and didn't have to be subjected to the tension and events that happened that night."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo