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Jax Taylor Opens Up About Stassi Schroeder: 'She's Doing A Lot Of Damage'

Last season of Vanderpump Rules saw Jax and friend Tom Sandoval's friendship hit the skids when Jax slept with Tom's ex Kristen Doute. But the two are working on moving past that. "Life's too short to hold grudges," Jax tells Entertainment Tonight. "We're still trying to mend our relationships. Obviously, things aren't back to 100 percent, but it's going in a good direction."

What sets Vanderpump apart from similar reality shows of the past, is that the stars of this show were never cast – even when the cameras aren't rolling, the drama naturally continues to unfold.

"Our group of friends have been friends for 10 years!" Jax said. “This is really our lives. I wish to God our show was scripted. This is really our lives. This is really how we live."

Meanwhile Jax's own ex, Stassi Schroeder, is back on the show and though Jax says he's happy she has returned, he can't help but get in a dig at her new relationship. "I hope she's happy [but] I don't think she’s happy," he says. "I think she's really confused. I think she's in a relationship that's toxic right now."

"I dated a different Stassi, she was a completely different girl," the bartender reflects on his old flame. "I have no idea who she is anymore, I don't think she even knows, and her friends don't know who she is. I hope she figures it out soon because she's doing a lot of damage."

Watch the full interview below!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo