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Jackie Gillies Says The New Season Of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Will Be 'Bigger, Better And Even More Explosive!'

Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies has connected with viewers with her very shinny and outspoken personality which sets her apart from the Melbourne society which she proudly says they're from "Planet Toorak".

"I am the opposite to what is the main perception of a Real Housewife," Gillies told AAA Weekend while in Perth to promote Foxtel's new pricing plan.

"When I first started filming the show, I thought where the hell have I landed, the twilight zone?

"All this high-society rubbish, I think you might have a little bit more coin than the next person but that doesn't make you a better person."

Gillies is happily married to Silverchair's drummer Ben Gillies. While some marriages have fallen apart on the Real Housewives franchise, Gillies said her relationship with Ben was stronger than ever.

"I was so lucky. My husband would not normally do a show like this but he did this show to support me," she explained. "I honestly have the most supporting, loving husband in the world. He is a male version of myself."

In the first season, Gillies raised eyebrows with her job as a professional psychic. But she says she did not go on the show to "make people believe".

"It is not to prove to people that I am psychic, I don't do that," she said.

With season two of Housewives about to wrap filming in less than two weeks, and set to air early next year, Gillies promised it would be "bigger, better and even more explosive".

Photo Credit: Foxtel/Arena TV