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Caroline Manzo Dishes On Her Marriage To Al Manzo: 'We Have A Mutual Respect For Each Other And We Just Have Fun'

Caroline Manzo's daughter, Lauren Manzo will be walking down the aisle next year, which the Manzo'd With Children star recently opened up to In Touch Weekly about what motivated her to slim down. "My daughter will be having babies soon; I want to be a healthy grandma!" Caroline explained before detailing her new lifestyle.

"I still have my cheat time, but yes, I’ve dedicated myself to exercise and healthy eating," she said. "I’ve lost 13 pounds over the past seven months. At 53, I think I’m doing all right!"

Caroline also hopes she has set a good example of wedded bliss for her daughter, celebrating her 30th anniversary with husband Albert this year. "I love our marriage. We have a mutual respect for each other and we just have fun," she explained. "One of my favorite things to do together is go to Newark and sit on the trunk of the car and eat hot dogs."

That low-key attitude has trickled down to Lauren already, it seems. "Lauren is the farthest thing from a bridezilla. She’s very budget-conscious," Caroline dished about the wedding planning process. "Her father’s the one who’s like, 'That’s my little girl, she can have whatever she wants.' We’re like, 'Hold on a minute!'"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo