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Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof And Taylor Armstrong Talk Life After RHOBH!

Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong sat down exclusively with to dish about their lives post-RHOBH. Camille opens up about her health and struggle with cancer, Adrienne dishes about her new younger boyfriend and Taylor talks about being happily married to John Bluher. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars also shared their thoughts on the new ladies and more. Check it out below! How did it feel being with all the Beverly Hills ladies again?
Camille Grammer: It was wonderful seeing all of the ladies together again. We all have been through so much together. It was great to catch up and enjoy an evening together. There was so much catching up as everyone's lives are moving forward and friends are always changing with this group of ladies. Everyone seemed happy and glad to be together again. I enjoyed myself.

Adrienne Maloof: Great. Seeing the ladies was very nostalgic. It really felt so natural to be with the originals. We've been through a lot together, so it was a really special moment to reunite.

Taylor Armstrong: It was magnetic having us all together again; the energy was very high. We have shared so many defining life moments together, and we will always have a special bond. Who of the ladies do you stay in touch with?
CG: I have stayed in touch with Kyle, Lisa, Addrienne, Yolanda, and Brandi. When it was released that I had cancer, the ladies all reached to me. Some of the ladies already knew, because I had told them. It was very nice of them to check in with me. Brandi sent roses to my hospital room. Kyle kept in touch and checked in, as did Lisa Vanderpump, who offered to sit and tell me bad jokes while I was going through my chemo if I was to stay in LA for treatment. Kim was on the phone with me while I was getting my first six-hour chemo drip. It was so nice that they had all reached out to me during this very difficult time in my life. When I felt better, I took an impromptu trip to Vegas last spring with Kyle and Mauricio. It was with a great group of people and much fun was had by all.

AM: Kyle and Camille mainly, but I have the pleasure of seeing most of the ladies in and around Beverly Hills at events and such...

TA: I see Lisa and Kyle most frequently, but not nearly as much as I would like. I am really looking forward to spending some time with Adrienne and Camille in NYC for the premiere. We are all so busy that we don't make time often enough to connect. We need to take a vacay never know how that might turn out... What are your thoughts on Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson now being on the show?
CG: I think Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson will add something that was missing last year: real friendships. I had seen Lisa at some of Kyle's parties, and she is friends with some of the ladies. I have known her for years and she is very nice, but she is no shrinking violet. She will stand up for herself without any hesitation. I have just had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Eileen, and she is lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing them both on the show this year.

AM: I love Lisa's strong and smart personality. She's awesome. And I have only met Eileen a few times, but she's lovely, and I think she'll be a great addition, as well. I am excited to watch the season and get to know the ladies from the show as well.

TA: Lisa has always been kind to me, although we don't know one another well. I have never met Eileen. Adrienne, were you surprised when Brandi confronted you at the White Party?
AM: No, I think that was inevitable. I really appreciated her maturity in confronting me. It's not an easy task, especially at such a public event where all the other ladies were. I've had to take a look at my relationships and myself since Housewives. I've changed a lot in my life, and I believe in forgiveness. Camille, could you give us an update on your health? 
CG: This has been a difficult year for me. I was diagnosed with stage 2 endometrial cancer a little over a year ago. I was shocked and scared to hear that I had cancer, and the first thing that went through my mind was "Am I going to survive this? I need to be here for my children." It was one of those surreal moments when time goes into slow motion, and you can't completely comprehend everything that the oncologist is saying.

I went to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas for my robotic radical hysterectomy (they remove everything and the kitchen sink so to speak). Due to the kind of cancer I had, which was very aggressive (clear cell carcinoma), and the stage, I had to have chemo and radiation.

It will be a year this January that I had finished chemo and radiation. Chemo is awful! Radiation has long-lasting side effects that I'm still healing from to this day. I am so happy and blessed that I am in remission. Now I am involved with a organization to raise awareness and funds for research for female cancers below the belt, so to speak. Bringing attention to these cancers is so important. We want women to learn their symptoms, seek care from a gynecologic oncologist for the best outcomes. So, I walked/ran a 5k this November for the Foundation for Women's Cancer's National Race to End Women's Cancer.

It was an amazing event, and I m so honored to have been the guest speaker and now one of the spokespeople for this incredible foundation. As I have helped others by bringing awareness, this has helped me more. I feel so blessed. I have two wonderful children, and I'm channeling my energy and my experience to help others. Adrienne, tell us what's happening with you.
AM:  Of course! Right now I am focusing on my jewelry line, Beverly Hills Collection, which is now on my website. We've been hosting trunk shows with Bloomingdales in Southern California. Also have some exciting projects in the works with my brothers. One is Never Hungover, a hangover cure that seriously works, but I take it as a vitamin booster in the mornings, as it has tons of beneficial natural ingredients. And most importantly focusing on my sons. It's almost Thanksgiving, so they're excited to have the holiday together with their family and uncles. Taylor, what's been happening with you since you left RHOBH?
TA:  I am very happily married to John Bluher who viewers have seen on RHOBH. We are having such fun raising Kennedy together--she is my greatest joy (she's 8 years old now!). We spend the majority of our time in Vail, Colorado (especially during ski season and the holidays), but we are in Beverly Hills quite often, as well. I continue to speak publicly on issues surrounding domestic abuse and advocate for victims and their families. A cause near and dear to my heart. I have a couple of other projects I am working on as well...but for now, I am going to enjoy my time with the ladies of Beverly Hills.

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