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VIDEO: Brandi Glanville Talks About New Season Of RHOBH And Celebrity Apprentice; Dishes On Her Relationship With Lisa Vanderpump And Says Kenya Moore Is 'Pure Evil'

Brandi Glanville has a lot on her plate this fall. She will be starring in two reality shows; The fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which premieres this month and Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. Brandi opens up about her current relationship status with Lisa Vanderpump, talks about the infamous 'slap" seen in the RHOBH Season 5 trailer and calls Kenya Moore "Evil" and much more. Check it out below!

Glanville talks about the infamous 'slap" seen at the end of the RHOBH Season 5 trailer

"You know, I don't even think you can make out who slapped who in the end of that trailer," the former model told E! News while promoting her new app Blunder Block, innocently playing coy over the much-buzzed about moment. "You'll have to definitely wait and find out what happened."

As for the current status of her friendship with Lisa (the two had an epic falling out last season, but their relationship appeared to be on the mend in recent months)?

"Lisa and my relationship, you know, we have our ups and downs. I really care about her and I know she really cares about me too, so you'll all see how that ends up," she teased.

Dishes more craziness about what is to be expected in the fifth season.

"The trailer is only half of the craziness," she revealed. "There's things that they didn't show that I really thought they would show in the trailer that people are going to freak out…I think we start a little like, reserved, and then it just hits full alert and it's cray cray. "We should all be ashamed ourselves," she added with a laugh. "I mean we're definitely not setting any good examples for middle aged women."

In addition to dishing on the forthcoming season, Glanville also spilled on the status of her relationship with Kyle Richards. While season four saw the two forging a friendship, it seems that they are on the outs once again. "She's two faced, that's the problem," Glanville said of Richards before throwing some serious shade at her fellow cast member.

Brandi Glanville will star on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice and she already has some fighting words for her opposing  Housewife, Kenya Moore.

"Two Housewives, there can only be one, so you have to choose," Brandi told E! News before taking that shade just a step further. "It's either super-evil Kenya or trash-mouth Brandi: pick! But I'm not evil that's the thing, there's pure evil there. I didn't know that Kenya Moore had fans. I really didn't."

The RHOBH star promises lots of drama between her, Kenya, and fellow contestant Kate Gosselin on the competition reality show, which is set to premiere in early 2015. "Going into it, I really felt like as long as I'm nice to everyone, they'll treat me the way I treat them, but then you forget it's a competition and we're all in competition with each other," Brandi explained of the experience before revealing that she has "never done anything that was more stressful other than getting a divorce."

The Drinking and Tweeting author is also promoting her brand new app, Blunder Block…specifically designed to stop drinking and tweeting! The app allows you to block access to your own apps or contacts for a designated amount of time, or, as Brandi puts it, it's "the app that protects you from yourself!" It's now available for Android phones and she promises a version of iPhones is coming soon.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo