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VIDEO: NeNe Leakes Reacts To Teresa And Joe Giudice's Sentencing

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is opening up about how she feels about Teresa and Joe Giudice's sentencing—and she says that her heart is breaking for Teresa, who is set to serve 15 months in prison starting in January. While her husband Joe will be remanded after Teresa is released for 41 months in federal prison. Check out what NeNe had to say below!

"I probably felt the same way about Teresa as I did about Apollo [Nida], because he just left from our cast to go to prison, so he had to turn himself in," she tells E! News. "Just being apart of that is so, like, you know—you have to think, I did not think my life would take me these places, or around these people. You form a connection with these people, and you like them."

"I just hurt for Teresa," she continues, "and I hurt for Apollo and I hurt for Phaedra [Parks]. It's sad. They're good people. I know they broke the law, but they're still good people. It's so hurtful."

She also is sending love and support to Teresa and Joe's four children—and she understands how important it is to have a mother around while growing up. "I hurt for her kids," NeNe says. "When I heard it, I was shooting [Housewives] that day. I don't know. I didn't grow up with my mom and when I think about a kid growing up without their mom, it drives me insane. For their mom to be away, it's going to be tough for her girls."

Photo/Video Credit: E! News, Bravo