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VIDEO: Caroline Manzo Reacts To Teresa And Joe Giudice's Sentencing

Caroline Manzo has nothing but sympathy for her former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Teresa Giudice, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud last week. Caroline appeared last night on Watch What Happens Live last night and Andy Cohen asked her to share her opinion on the news.

"I am blown away," she said. "I’m blown away by the whole thing. It’s so much bigger than Housewives. It’s so much bigger than Bravo. It’s just life changing for these two people and their children. The only thing I can think of is their kids. God Bless those kids. You know, it is what it is, and it happened. I can’t wrap my head around it. It’s a lot."

So does Caroline have any intention of reaching out? Last week, Caroline told the Dish that she does not. "The last time I saw her was when Joe's dad passed and the family went to pay their respects," she says. "Beyond that, it's just a sad thing and I have no intentions of calling her or reaching out to her because I don't think it's my place."

Last Thursday, Teresa and Joe were given prison sentences for several charges of fraud, to which they pleaded guilty back in March. Joe is set to serve 41 months in federal prison. Teresa will serve 15 months; she reports to prison January 5.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo