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VIDEO: Amber And Jim Marchese Tell-All On Watch What Happens Live!

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Amber and Jim Marchese appeared on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen this past Sunday. One of the main topics discussed was about this season's drama, Jim's Twitter rants, the drama between them versus everyone and reveal a bit of the drama that went down during this season's RHONJ Reunion and more, check it out below!

After Andy Cohen shows Jim Marchese a clip reel of some not-so-nice things his RHONJ castmates have said about him behind his back, he gets 30 seconds to respond!

“I’m going to first apologize to my wife and mother before I start now,” Jim says. “A. Only someone with an ass as big as Dina’s could actually know how big of a douchebag a whale would need to clean it’s vagina. B. Joe, I already called you a bitch, so to repeat it… I know you only got through the third grade and you only got to ‘B’ in the alphabet, go on to ‘C, D & E’ it’s much much better. Wolf sheep’s clothing? She’s probably right about that… I’ll let her go with that one. As far as not wanting to hang out with me? I didn’t buy any tickets to hang out so it’s okay.” Transcript courtesy of

In “Let’s Play Nice,” Andy Cohen asks RHONJ’s Jim Marchese to say one nice thing about several of his co-stars ... and some of his comments are a bit of a stretch!

Dina: “Um… she’s got blonde hair.”
Nicole: “She can very sweet, especially with children… she’s got a good heart.”
Bobby: “He sells a lot of nice cars.”
Joe Giudice: “He’s a softy. He’s a good day.”
TerEsa: “She’s my drunken fraternity brother. I love her.”
Joe Gorga: “Um… he works out a lot.” Transcript courtesy of

A WWHL caller asks Amber Marchese about what it’s like being a part of the RHONJ Reunion and Amber calls it a “purging” experience.

“I went in thinking it was going to very very difficult. I felt like it was more of a purging and I was able to get it all out. We were able to come to an understanding with a lot of the girls and I walked away with a lot of respect that I did my first season with,” Amber explains.

Amber and Jim Marchese are asked by a WWHL caller if either of them regret being on RHONJ.

A WWHL caller asks RHONJ’s Amber Marchese what she thought about the role Dina played regarding the Rino rumor and Amber says she thinks Dina was overdramatic when she told the twins about the rumor.

Watch What Happens Live airs Sunday through Thursday nights at 11pm/10c on Bravo!

Photo/Videos Credit: Bravo