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Teresa Aprea Says She Doesn't Blame Jim Marchese For Bringing Up The Rino Rumor

Teresa Aprea is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa Aprea weighs in on the Florida trip and explains why she isn't mad at Jim Marchese for revealing the rumor. Teresa writes:

"I’m sure the last two episodes in Florida were very entertaining for some and very upsetting for others. There was a lot of fun that happened in Florida. Going to the Everglades with Nicole, Dina, and Melissa was a blast. It was a whole day affair -- lunch and all -- in the Everglades, wish you got to see more.

Amber and Jim's arrival was a shock at first. It actually started off well, and we were having a really good night with them both. Unfortunately (and I will take responsibility as well) the night ended horrifically. Seeing that whole episode was very enlightening on many different levels. First and most importantly, it made me see how destructive alcohol can be. Watching it was even worse than being there! Seeing a bunch of adults out of control and spitting disgusting lies at each other was beyond distasteful. This is not an episode I am proud of due to the excessive drinking that took place. Nor was it the type of weekend I expected it to be. Rino made the right decision not to join us.

Obviously I wasn't aware of the severity of the vile rumor (which is a lie) that Dina wanted to share with me. Dina was just looking out for me and what she wanted to do was absolutely necessary. I did appreciate Dina standing by my side and supporting me. When Jim threw that in my face, I felt so betrayed, not by Jim or Amber, but by Teresa. I considered us friends and I thought she would have had the decency to call me since Amber knew and she had told Dina. Teresa Giudice holds her parents in very high regard, and I would have expected the same respect for my parents, especially after Rino and I have stood by their side with everything they have been going through from the beginning. Although we have not known the Guidices for long, Rino and I have always been very loyal to them both. That night it was like a bomb exploded, and I felt so betrayed. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a loyal friend, and I was raised to have the utmost respect for MOTHERS and CHILDREN! I realize now that Dina was trying to protect me from the start.

People have asked, “Why did I get so upset?” As strong as I am and as much experience as I have had with people, I have never felt such cruelty and venom like what was directed towards me and my family. I want to be clear, I'm not blaming Jim for this. He was the drunken messenger and threw it out there. This is what Dina was trying to protect me from. The origin of this untruthful rumor is V.G. and Teresa Giudice for not shutting it down immediately, like I would have done if anyone was discussing somebody's mother. It was especially shocking since it was directed at me, who has been loyal to her and Joe. This was simply a malicious attempt to hurt my family.

For the people who knew off the bat that this was a lie, you are obviously the intelligent group of fans and kudos to you. I want to say thank you again. But for the ones who have even questioned whether it's true , shame on you; your ridiculous opinions will never have any value to me. I do want to send lots of love, light, and blessings to Dina for being the women she is.

 Also as I end this blog, my heart goes out to the Giudice children and my prayers are with them all. "

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo