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Full Details On South Africa’s The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg

The Real Housewives franchise has expanded outside the US - There's The Real Housewives of Vancouver (Canada), The Real Housewives of Athens (Greece), Les Vraies Housewives (France), The Real Housewives of Melbourne (Australia) and most recently The Real Housewives of Cheshire (UK). Now the Real Housewives franchise has found a new location - in South Africa with The Real Housewives of Johannesburg!

According to Sunday Times, the show will officially launch next month. Speaking to the paper, TV producer Archie Tigere said: “We have just started filming and our director is from Canada. He has directed lots of award-winning reality TV series in Canada including The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

(L-R): Puleng Mash-Spies, Nazli Delport, Thembeka Johnson 
and Kendra Saunders

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg will have the likes of Sorisha Naidoo, Nazli Delport, Kendra Saunders, Puleng Mash-Spies on the cast. Thembeka Johnson was set to be a cast member too, but she has since pulled out.

One of the housewives, Sorisha Naidoo (pictured above), who is married to billionaire Vivian Reddy, told the paper that she was instructed not to say too much. She added: “My life is just that… private… but I can’t wait to share some exciting times in the life of Sorisha Naidoo. Personally I think I’m an ordinary girl who loves all things nice… but if people are going to tune in because they find me interesting, let’s go! I love clothes, I have an even crazier obsession with shoes. I don’t plan to change my wardrobe just for filming. I’m a lover of the finer things in life but hardly self-absorbed. You will see that in the show.”

Another cast member who has a penchant for expensive shoes is self-proclaimed “Dainfern Queen” Puleng MashSpies. Those who followed her on the BBC series Come Dine with Me SA will remember that she once thought of guacamole as a salad. The 33-year-old “diva”, who describes herself as “dynamite” on her website, is sure to add spice to the show.

Mash-Spies, who lives with her businessman husband — who she has never identified — and two children on the Dainfern estate north of Johannesburg, has previously said she could walk in nothing but Christian Louboutin shoes. She stunned viewers during Come Dine With Me SA when she told fellow contestants that the cost of her pair of shoes could feed an African village.

She said of herself: “Dainfern Queen is a mother of two who revels in family time, looking gorgeous (thanks to Hermès, Kingsley Heath and Christian Louboutin), entertaining and laughing out loud.
“This girl believes television should be intimate, fun and real all at the same time and she is here to show you how! “The ultimate compliment to Puleng is that, once you start watching her, it’s hard to stop — and, fundamentally, isn’t that the true test of successful television? Oh, shut it!”

A Johannesburg image consultant and marketing manager for some of the city’s top nightspots, Nazli Delport, will also feature on the show. The mother of one, who dotes on her five-year-old daughter and is a fan of US author Maya Angelou, refers to herself as “Lady Naz”. She enjoys travelling, socialising, sipping champagne and playing dress-up with her daughter and close friends.

Former True Love and O Magazine editor Thembeka Johnson was also billed to be on the show, but confirmed this week that she had pulled out. It is unclear who will replace her.

Little is known about the other cast members, socialite Kendra Saunders and married mother of two Lebo Davies, who recently moved back to Johannesburg from London.

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Source/Photo Credits: Sunday Times, Twitter