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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Star Tanya Bardsley Dishes On Her New Book 'Just A Girl Who Got It All'

Tanya Bardsley has been busy filming the first season of ITVBe's The Real Housewives of Cheshire. Earlier this week, the life coach and reality star threw a launch party in Manchester to unveil her new book titled "Just a Girl Who Got it All," which her "Housewives" co-stars attended, to learn more about the launch party click here! Tanya says she was inspired to write the book after experiencing for herself the rewards of positive thinking.

She explains: “12 years ago I was a single mum with no money and I was really struggling. I came across an article all about the power of positive thinking and I applied it all to my own life.

“I’d always wanted to be a model but being just 5’ 3” I never thought I could do it. But I realised I just had to change my thoughts - and do you know what, I got my dream job, I became a model and travelled the world.

“After 7 years of modelling I knew I wanted to slow it down, and find the time to find the perfect man and the perfect house. So I applied those same positive thinking techniques to that - and I met Phil and we now have two beautiful sons together.”

After her own experiences, Tanya stepped back from modelling to become a life coach, but she had so many clients she decided to write a book to be able to help even more people with her self-help techniques.

She admits the title of the book may be misunderstood, and insists it’s all about being positive in life.

She says: “Phil didn’t like the title of the book when I told him because he thought it sounded like I was being big-headed or have landed on my feet in life. But that’s not what I’m about at all. It’s about how I went from someone with nothing, to achieving all of my dreams.”

You can purchase Tanya Bardsley’s book 'Just A Girl Who Got It All' on Amazon (UK) or Amazon (USA)

The Real Housewives of Cheshire will air in early 2015 on ITV's new freeview channel ITVBe.

Souce/Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News