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Is Philadelphia Getting Its Own Real Housewives Show?

Rumors are circulating that Bravo is working on expanding the Real Housewives franchise, and according to The Daily News, Philadelphia might be on the verge of getting its own Real Housewives show on Bravo. So, does this means that we will be getting 'The Real Housewives of Philadelphia?'

The Daily News reports the following:

In recent weeks, a producer associated with the Bravo TV show has been in Philly interviewing some of the city’s most successful and glamorous women.

Producer Princess Ann Banton-Lofters wouldn't name names - nor would she confirm that she's working on a TV project associated with the franchise. Still, you wouldn't know it from all of the jockeying for position and tongue-wagging that's been going on about who's been contacted.

For the record, the "Real Housewives" program, which has installments in various cities around the country and also in several overseas countries, chronicles the lives and foibles of its wealthy female cast members.

Lofters is a creator of the wildly successful "Real Housewives of Atlanta." She's also credited with discovering the biggest star of the entire "Real Housewives" franchise: the sassy and sometimes controversial NeNe Leakes, who is set to earn a cool $1.5 million for Season 7 of "RHOA," which premieres Nov. 9.

Lofters wouldn't talk specifics about what's happening in Philly, but she was willing to speak in generalities about her career and "RHOA." For instance, she said that she knew early on that Leakes was destined for stardom. Lofters said, smiling. "She's a star, 100 percent. This lady is a star. . . . She's a star."

Do you think Philadelphia deserves its own Real Housewives show? Tell us your thoughts!