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Court Documents Prove Teresa Giudice’s Prison Placement Is Still Unknown

Many reports circulated that Judge Esther Salas ordered Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice to serve her prison sentence at Danbury Federal Camp, which is the same prison where Netflix's Orange Is The New Black' takes place.

Radar Online has exclusively obtained court documents revealing it was merely a recommendation, and the Bureau of Prisons will ultimately decide where the Fabulicious author will do her time.

According to a minute order for a hearing that took place on October 22, Judge Salas, prosecutors, Giudice’s attorney, and the mother of four all participated in the proceedings on a telephone conference call on that date.

Giudice’s “application to amend the Judgement of Conviction to recommend FCI, Danbury Satellite Camp or in the alternative FPC Alderson, West Virginia to the Bureau of Prisons” was considered, the documents state.

After discussion, the “order application [was] granted.”

Despite reports, Judge Salas did not order Giudice to serve her 15 month sentence at Danbury, but merely provided it as one of several options.

Furthermore, Federal Bureau of Prison’s spokesperson Chris Burke told Radar Online, “Only the bureau determines where an inmate serves their time. We take the recommendation of the judge under consideration and try to place the individual within 500 miles of their home to facilitate visits with family.”

Giudice could be ordered to surrender to either Danbury or Alderson in West Virginia.

Other factors such as prison vacancies, and Giudice’s probation report, will figure into where she is sent, the official previously told the site.

After Martha Stewart was convicted for insider trading, the judge recommended she be sent to Danbury, but was ultimately ordered to Alderson.

Giudice will be notified via the mail in the weeks leading up to her surrender date, about which correctional facility she will serve her sentence.

Giudice is expected to surrender by January 5. Her request to serve her prison sentence in a halfway house was denied.

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