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Adrienne Maloof Talks About Her Divorce To Paul Nassif, New Boyfriend And Her Businesses!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof is set make her return to the Bravo hit reality show, however this time she will do it without her ex-husband, Paul Nassif. The couple officially separated in 2012 and eventually ended in a very public divorce - which included restraining orders and brutal accusations on both sides, before it was settled in 2013. Adrienne dishes on her divorce to Botched star Paul Nassif, her new boyfriend and more. Check it out below!

"Going through a divorce period is difficult at best, so when you're in front of the public eye and having to air your dirty laundry in public, it's hard on the children, it's hard on both of you, it's never easy," Maloof tells Too Fab.

"I've been asked if the show was the cause of the divorce and I'd have to say that no it wasn't ... but it probably put it over the edge. I think that it was already having issues and when you're in the public eye and those issues are so explosive over the world, it's very difficult to make a marriage work," she says.

These days, Maloof is in a much better place, thanks to her much younger boyfriend Jacob Busch.

"I really don't think about the number. If you take that number out of the equation, you're still going to have the same relationship," Adrienne says of the 28-year age gap. "Many women do it, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Madonna. If you got a great relationship, you got a great relationship."

Maloof says that both of their families and friends support the coupling.

"They just want me to be happy and they know the kind of spirited energy I have and they know it's gotta be someone who can keep up with me," she says. "Of course there are going to be people that are gonna question the age difference, so what? If I dated a rocket scientist, they'd say why hasn't he taken you to the moon. It's always gonna be something."

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Photo Credit: Bravo