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Will Stassi Schroeder Be Working At SUR On 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 3?

The third season of Vanderpump Rules has already wrapped filming, but one question remains, will Stassi Schroeder go back to work at SUR? Remember, earlier this year, the reality star quit working at SUR and moved to New York City, but then moved back to L.A. for the show, so what will her job be?

A big part of the show was showing how the cast, that all worked at the restaurant together, except for a few significant others, interacted when they were on the job as well as complaining about the job in their off hours.

Bustle reported that Stassi's move earlier this year probably excluded her from a lot of the drama happening off camera which means her role could be quite different this year. It may possibly be quite small if she isn't hired back as a waitress. Or maybe they will focus on her new relationship with boyfriend Patrick Meagher who came West with her.

Upon quitting SUR, Schroeder said in an interview with The Examiner, "I'm very thankful for my time at SUR. It's a wonderful restaurant, and even though so much went down there, I still have very many fond memories of it. It was just my time to go. Being a waitress isn't a career, and I think most people want to make something of themselves and move on. Yes, I did disappear for a while, but I was professional and got all my shifts taken care of -- and then went in to the office and turned in my uniforms to say I wouldn't be returning," she says.

Source: Fashion & Style