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Wendy Williams On Kim Zolciak's Reality Show: I Think This Is The Way You Should Do Reality TV!

Wendy Williams has made no bones about hiding her negative feelings for NeNe Leakes and other Housewives, but during her chat fest that aired yesterday, she heaped praise upon Kim, her family, and her show Don't Be Tardy.

"This is the cutest family on TV," Wendy gushed, after watching a marathon of episodes this weekend. "I just think this is the way you do reality TV, without cussing, fighting and wig pulling. She adores Kroy. But he loves her a little bit more than she loves him—and that's the way it's supposed to be."

Wendy isn't a newbie when it comes to Kim. She's watched her ever since she was on Real Housewives of Atlanta and the host likes how Kim has evolved from her "Big Papa" days of yore.

"We remember [seeing her] dating married men, she was just kind of loose-ish, in our minds," Wendy said. "She had these two daughters...and we were there when Kim met Kroy. He has that NFL career. And he adopted the daughters, then they went on and had four children together. It's a beautiful family. And there's no wig pulling!"

Wendy did admit that some old characteristics of Kim shine through—and she's just fine with that. "You still see [old] Kim, with the wine...and she talks like a sailor!"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: Wendy Williams