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Virginia Macari's Fiancé's Criminal Past Exposed, Plus He Was Once Best Friends With One Of Norway's Most Notorious Criminals!

A few weeks ago Kaste Dahl, the fiancé of socialite Virginia Macari and former star of TV3's Dublin Wives was found guilty of fraud and according to a new report, he was once "best friends" with one of Norway's most notorious criminals. Continue reading after the jump!

The Independent is reporting that Kahl (43), who met Virginia (39) in Spain five years ago, became a business associate and good friend of David Toska back in Norway when he was in his early 20s.

Toska was the mastermind behind a massive raid on Easter Monday, 2004, when the equivalent of €7.1m was stolen in broad daylight from a cash depot in Stavanger, southwest Norway. The NOKAS robbery was the biggest in the country's history and was the subject of a 2010 film.

The heist took place at 8am when 13 heavily-armed men wearing bulletproof vests and ski masks broke into the cash centre. During the course of the robbery, around 120 rounds of ammunition were fired from an automatic weapon into protective bulletproof glass.

A police lieutenant, Arne Sigve Klungland, was shot dead in a gun battle between officers and the raiders. Toksa admitted to masterminding the crime and said at the time of his confession that he never planned for the loss of life.

Norwegian media have described Dahl, who also goes by the names of Bard Kaste and Thor Dahl, as Toska's best friend. The pair had a business partnership together called D&B Holding, which stood for David and Bard.

Dahl had a son with Macari in 2012. They called the child Thor, and the pair got engaged while she was starring in TV3 programme Dublin Housewives (later renamed Dublin Wives due to legal reasons).

Along with his association with one of Norway's most infamous criminals, Dahl also has a number of convictions. He received an eight-year sentence for drug smuggling and possession of a firearm more than 10 years ago.

Dahl received that sentence, with two years suspended, for his part in an attempt to smuggle 48.4kg of amphetamine and for being in possession of a firearm.

The European Court of Justice subsequently ruled that Dahl and a co-accused were denied a fair trial, it is understood. Details of the conviction emerged following a plea of guilty by Dahl in an Oslo court to fraud charges in connection with a holiday cabin development.

Dahl was deported from Spain to Oslo in April to face the fraud charges while the couple were planning their wedding. Morten Furuholmen, Dahl's defence lawyer in the fraud charges, said the drugs smuggling case was "a long time ago" and he expects his client to be pardoned in relation to it.

Source/Photo Credit: Independent