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VIDEO: The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Stars Gina Liano, Jackie GIllies And Janet Roach Weigh In On The Latest News And Headlines!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne stars Gina Liano, Janet Roach and Jackie Gillies appeared on TODAY’s The Grill and joined the panel with Karl to weigh in on the latest headlines and hot topics. The ladies also teased bit how the new season is coming along and more.

One of the topics discussed was about the president of $2 trillion company PIMCO, Mohamed El-Erian, who gave it all up and quit his job after his 10-year-old daughter gave him a list of 22 key moments he'd missed throughout her short life.

“Why not both?” said Gina, a notoriously dedicated Barrister.

While Janet agreed with Gina, she made the argument that while you can work hard to create a good life for your family, you can’t get valuable time back.

“You didn’t grow up together. It’s something you miss out on,” said Janet.


Photo Credit: Foxtel