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VIDEO: Brooks Ayers Admits Cheating On Vicki Gunvalson

Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has stood by her on and off boyfriend Brooks Ayers' side despite all the negative press, but according to Radar Online and The National ENQUIRER, Ayers has secretly admitted to cheating on the reality star, “screwing around,” and sleeping with hookers — and he confessed to it all on tape!

The shocking admissions were made on audio recording as part of an undercover sting and obtained by The ENQUIRER. And the material on them will rock Gunvalson’s world, likely shattering her relationship with Ayers for good.

“I’ve been known to cheat,” Ayers says on the tapes, which were recorded in a Las Vegas hotel while Ayers voluntarily met with a business associate after an attempt to settle a lawsuit.

Claiming he’d been unfaithful so many times that he couldn’t recall whether he was even dating Gunvalson at the time of his hookups, Ayers said, “Bottom line, it hurt Vicki to know even if we weren’t together that I f***ed somebody else.”

One of the ladies that Brooks had a sexual affair with was with a prostitute, named Katrina, he said. The two allegedly met during a private high-stakes poker game, and then decided to continue the party in “rooms upstairs [for] guys … to have their way” with the hired talent. Brooks had sex with the woman, he says on the tape, and paid her around $300 to $400 for the encounter.

Oddly enough, according to The ENQUIRER’s report, he ran into the woman again months later while visiting friend Robert Williamson III in Las Vegas, and the woman was there, calling herself Maya!

Williamson got fed up with his philandering, according to the report, and decided to bring Ayers in to a lawsuit he filed accusing Gunvalson of failing to promote her Vicki’s Vodka brand.

Other shocking revelations in the tapes include the fact that Ayers checked into rehab for sex addiction in 2006!

“I recorded [Brooks] out of an abundance of caution, specifically at the request of Vicki Gunvalson,” the business man who made the tapes told The ENQUIRER. “She asked me to help Brooks. Given his background, I did not want this guy walking away making false claims about our time. Who knows what he would have said.”

Check out the video clip below!

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Photo Credit: Bravo
Source: Radar, The ENQUIRER