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Teresa Aprea: 'There Was An Agenda To Hurt My Family With All These Disgusting Lies'

Teresa Aprea is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa Aprea calls out Teresa Giudice and Amber Marchese for the rumor about her mother. Teresa writes:

"Great week, NY Fashion Week 2014 -- great shows, talented designers. Nicole and I were privileged to take part and attend OK Magazine and US Weekly’s party. Ended the summer and the week with a birthday celebration. Everyone who knows me and Nicole, knows how much we love and celebrate our birthdays. School is back and Gio has started Brookdale. I can’t believe he is in college, but I do love that he is close to home.

This blog is way overdue, and only because of one reason. I have been totally disgusted with what Victoria, Teresa Giudice, and Amber have brought to this show. That repulsive episode of lies brought my parents, my son, and my nephews a lot of pain. And it didn't stop there. Jim Marchese took it further and continued to spew these lies all over the media. What kind of a man would go after mothers and children?

So although we met at Dina’s home as a preliminary meeting for the fundraiser, the subtext of this episode was the private conversation that took place between Amber and Teresa Giudice. Anyone who attended Victoria’s house that day knew there was going to be more lies to follow. At that time the idea of going to Florida for some R&R, especially for Teresa Giudice who was going through so much, seemed like a good idea. However, if I had known that Teresa Giudice and Amber met with Victoria previously and listened to lies about my mother, I would never have considered going to Florida with either of them. It appears the real purpose of the Florida trip was to ambush me and my sister. Obviously this would be revealed at some point and you'll see how it plays out. I would expect something like this from the Marcheses, not from Teresa Giudice, because I did nothing to hurt her or her family. She was my friend and I considered her a good one. My entire family has done nothing but love and pray for the Giudices. As you have seen, Rino has expressed such compassion and stood be their side from day one. But now I sadly see that there was an agenda to hurt my family with all these disgusting lies. Some people will say and do anything to get attention and be in the spotlight.

Especially interesting how Teresa Giudice responded to Amber on this episode by saying she has enough on her plate with her own problems, when it was Teresa who brought Victoria around to spread these lies for the world to hear. What kind of person does this? I signed up for this show not my mother. There used to be a line of respect when it comes to parents and children. I guess these types of people don’t live by those standards with which I was raised.

This is all I have to say for now. Thank God we are a close and loving family and our glue is our faith. Our morals and values do not have to be defended to anyone, especially when the lies come from such a discredited source.

For all my beautiful and loving fans that have stood by me and sent me such wonderful, encouraging loving words, I love and thank you with all my heart."

What do you think about Teresa’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo