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Santa Napolitano Ready To Sue Jim Marchese For Slander?

According to US Magazine, Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea have had it -- but not enough to leave Real Housewives of New Jersey. The Bravo twins are blasting rumors that they are exiting the series, and slamming Amber Marchese's husband Jim Marchese for claiming that their mother Santa once had an affair with Aprea's husband Rino Aprea.

The RHONJ twin sisters caused an extra-big stir earlier this week when it was reported that they were quitting the Bravo hit realit show. I don't know where that came from," Napolitano tells Us Weekly exclusively.

According to Napolitano, Aprea first became "aggravated" back in February when Jim first claimed on the show that their mother Santa was involved with her on-again beau Rino. "We signed up for this show thinking it would be a fun opportunity that we could do together and then all these stories about our mother came out so Teresa said, 'Hey, if this is what this show is going to bring out, I'm out of it."

"So the only time those words of her leaving the show ever came out of her mouth was when she was in Florida," Napolitano adds to Us. "Those words never came out of her mouth again."

"Jim's whole story line is bashing other people. There is nothing positive that comes out of his mouth," Aprea tells Us. "He's a liar. If anyone in their right mind thinks I would be with a man that slept with my mother or that I have a mother that would sleep with my man, they are sick."

"Jim is small and weak, but he's gotta stop. There are kids involved here. Come after us, but do not touch our children or our mother," Nicole adds. "If you want drama, bring it on! We are ready for you. But enough is enough."

Aprea adds: "We need to set the record straight. My mother is ready to have a lawsuit against Jim for slander."

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Photo Credit: Bravo