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Russell Armstrong's Father Claims Son Was Murdered

The father of Russell Armstrong believes his son was murdered and he is fighting to prove it. TMZ reports on Saturday that he thinks his son was deliberately killed and wants access to his autopsy information. The father claims Taylor Armstrong is not helping him discover the truth.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ, Louie Armstrong is asking the court to force the L.A. County Coroner's office to fork over Russell's autopsy pics, which he plans to have checked out by his own forensic specialist. Russell's family hired a private detective after his suicide in 2011 -- because they were convinced he was killed.

The Examiner reports that the autopsy results were made public after Russell’s death and did not indicate foul play. Nevertheless, this has not stopped his family from pursuing the murder possibility.

Reports from the coroner in 2011 revealed that Russell was not drunk or taking drugs at the time of his suicide. In addition, there was no sign of any illness or chronic health problem. Furthermore, witnesses who found his body mentioned that he was still hanging at the time with no indication of a break-in or struggle.

Taylor has not officially responded to the latest accusations from Russell’s father.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images