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Rumor Alert: The Real Housewives Of Darwin?

A few weeks ago we reported that Foxtel was going to be expanding the Real Housewives franchise to either Sydney or the Gold Coast but now News Corp Australia is reporting that Darwin may be the latest Australian spin-off series. Read full details after the jump!

The website reports that Bravo network producers are rumored to have Australia again set in their sights to launch another series in a different city

Darwin media consultant Katie Woolf, 31, said the series would be a bit different if it was filmed in the Top End.

“I think Darwin would be a great location as the women here are glam but are also very down to Earth, fun and don’t take themselves too seriously,” Ms Woolf said.

“I don’t think it would need to be so heavily focused on material opulence as the characters who live in Darwin are interesting and diverse enough. But no matter how nice women can be, when you put a group of them together to do activities, there’s always going to be drama.

“I’d also struggle to be glamorous at all times … I’d be the housewife who discovers my child’s food in her hair during an important interview or meeting.”

Pink Hill owner Silvija Majetic said she would be happy to take part in the series and allow cameras to document her lavish lifestyle.

“I’d be a bit of a stirrer to entertain everyone and keep them interested; I’d be the exciting one,” Ms Majetic said.

TV presenter Amanda Pernechele said Darwin women were versatile and would make for quality viewing on a reality series. “Darwin women love to go glam but are also into going fishing for the weekend,” Ms Pernechele said.

Which Australian city do you think should be the next Real Housewives location? Sydney, Gold Coast or Darwin? Tell us!

Photo Credit: Foxtel