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RHOM Season 3 Makes Its UK Debut Tonight At 9pm Exclusively On Lifetime!

Attention UK readers, for the first time in the UK, the third season of The Real Housewives of Miami will premiere tonight at 9pm exclusively on Lifetime. Check out Lifetime's RHOM Season 3 trailer below as well as cast photos, bios, etc!

via Lifetime UK:

"You know the drill by now. A bevvy of wealthy, occasionally famous and ambiguously-aged laydeez do various mum, wife and/or socialite things around a big all-American city. This time it's Miami, the spiritual home of the garden-with-a-boat-at-the-end-of-it and the closest metropolis to the coolest Disney theme park.

If you're looking for bikinis, gowns, cocktails, cocktails made from gowns and drunk through bikinis, dinner parties, party dinners, boats, docks for boats, cocktails drunk on boats, champagne drunk every where but mostly held, medium-sized businesses, medium-sized art galleries, unusually huge houses containing all of the above, sass, shopping with sass, terrified children and quietly patronising husbands – well, you've come to the right place."

Adriana de Moura speaks five languages, and can presumably say “I feel at home here because I am sexy and confident” in all of them. She also owns an art gallery and sings season 2's theme tune. She is Fairly Outrageous, in that she permanently has the horn and is mostly oblivious to the people around her.

In a crowd of Cuban-American who talk about Barbie a lot, Alexia Echevarria is the official designated “Cuban Barbie.” She executive edits Venue magazine and has a brood of teenage sons who are, quite clearly, utterly terrified by everything.

Joanna Krupa is a Polish model who you may well have seen in more or less any of the magazines that your boyfriend claims he reads for the articles, meaning she may well be the only of the Housewives who started the show more famous than her husband.

Texas-born Lea Black is probably the most self aware of the Housewives, which you can tell because she holds her champagne flute above waist height in the opening credits.  She founded Lea Cosmetics and her husband of nineteen years, Roy Black, is Justin Bieber's defence attorney. Kinda having a rough 2014, then.

Lisa' Hochstein's husband Lenny is a plastic surgeon who calls himself the “Boob God,” which I guess means you can be a plastic surgeon and also eight years old. She is also unpopular locally for wanting to tear down her massive and structurally unsound house, which seems unfair.

The Real Housewives of Miami Series 3 premieres on tonight, Tuesday 30 September at 9pm on Lifetime.
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Source: Lifetime UK