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Real Housewives Of Vancouver Star Ronnie Negus Has A Special Message For Her Ex-Husband Russell Negus!

The Real Housewives of Vancouver ladies have never been afraid of telling it like it is, especially our beloved Ronnie Negus. Back in April 2014, the former RHOV star announced her split from husband of fifteen years, Russell Negus. Unlike her former co-star Jody Claman, who's going through a very public and messy divorce, Ronnie has remained quiet. However this week, the former reality star tweeted a very short and straight to the point message to ex-husband Russell, check it out!

The tweet says it all, seems like he just pushed Ronnie's 'don't fuck with me' button, this is Ronnie Unscripted for sure and I love it. I wish Slice would renew the series and bring these amazing women back for another season!!

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is the first series in the franchise to have all its stars either, divorced, separated or single.

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Source: Twitter