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Peggy Tanous Says Dr. Terry Dubrow Needs To Stop Trying To Be A Housewife And Claims Bravo Wants Her Back On RHOC!

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Tanous dished exclusively with RumorFix and claimed that Bravo wants her back on the hit Bravo reality show and says that Dr. Terry Dubrow needs to stop trying to be a housewife. Check out what Peggy had to say below!

“They never know the cast until after the reunion and I know they are casting because several of my friends have been called. They are definitely casting for new women. They called me to see if I had any interest again or if any of my friends did. I said no. I now have two shows I’m in production on.”

Peggy also weighs in on Terry Dubrow's comment claiming that Tamra Judge is not fired from the RHOC, Peggy says Terry needs to stop trying to a housewife.

“For Terry Dubrow to comment is comical to me. He needs to stop trying to be a Housewife and stick to being a doctor. Dr. Dubrow got producers’ numbers because I filmed with him Season 6 about possibly doing my boobs, but he was all about the cameras, so I chose another doctor that I felt was more interested in my well being than in the cameras. Due to this, Bravo never aired our consultation. After that, he contacted production to see if they would buy a show of Heather and her friends opening a restaurant. They said no and told him to have her audition for Real Housewives.”

Photo Credit: Bravo