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Nicole Napolitano: 'Words Are So Powerful, So We Must Watch Our Words, Especially With The People We Love'

Nicole Napolitano is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's and last week's episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Nicole Napolitano explains why she's so against saying "shut up" and dishes on the girls trip. Nicole writes:

Hi everyone,

Today I’m finally catching up with this week’s and last week’s blog. Last week of course I loved watching my family having dinner at Teresa’s house with Dina and Lexi. I was excited to finally introduce my mother to Lexi and Dina, because I absolutely love their sweet, warm hearts. My nephew, Giovanni, and Dina’s daughter, Lexi, are two of the most incredible 18-year-olds out there! I love how they both enjoy being around family, and especially how they both have the utmost respect for their mothers. Speaking of children, I absolutely love watching Gia. I was disappointed when Teresa and Gia couldn’t make it for dinner that night. Watching Gia interact with her mom in the car, you really get to see how strong of a young lady she is. I give her so much credit for being so strong at her age given what she is going through; she is quite remarkable! Even watching her the following week going to look for houses with her mom, you see how all she truly cares about is her family and not the size of the house -- very impressive.

As for Rino and Teresa, they are such good sports for having people over to their house when the next day Rino was going in for a colonoscopy. He was drinking that horrific drink all night and constantly running to the bathroom. So gross, LOL! Though I’m glad he brought up the awareness of prostate cancer since his dad had it -- through early detection he is quite healthy and alive today!

I love Rino’s sense of humor, he always makes us laugh. So seeing him in his “toucan” underwear didn’t surprise me one bit. That scene made me laugh.

The scene that actually brought tears to my eyes was watching Dina and Lexi say their goodbyes to Luke, Dina’s assistant. I know they have had a long and meaningful relationship, so that was a very emotional time. I just wanted to hug them both.

The scene that I found most annoying was Amber being so nosey and prying into Teresa Giudice’s business. It was bad enough to bring the cameras into church on a solemn day to show how holy the Marcheses are (how Pharisaic), but then she leaves the church to make a phone call to Teresa Giudice. It was almost embarrassing how Amber could not take the hint that Teresa did NOT want to speak about it. On that note, I would like to move on to this past Sunday’s episode.

Finally the Florida trip is here! I love how you all get to see how all of us girls interacted and got along. We initially all planned this trip for Teresa Giudice to get her mind off of everything. I was upset when I found out she couldn’t go to Florida, because I was really looking forward to have some more girl bonding time with her, but I completely understood why she stayed home. Our first night in Florida was an absolutely amazing day! Laying out by the pool and having just good, silly fun with my sister, Dina, and Melissa felt awesome. To finally be in warm weather with the sun beating down on all of us, having drinks poolside in this beautiful home on the Intracoastal was incredible. We were all on the same page about staying home that first night and just chilling. I must say, I do whip up an amazing dinner in a short amount of time. Teresa and I love to cook. (Except when Teresa is on vacation, not a chance, LOL!) I totally enjoyed preparing dinner for everyone that night. We had a great meal and we all seriously laughed for a long time around that table!

The conversation did get a little heated outside after dinner. I love my sister more than anything, but yes, we do disagree and I think I got across how strongly I feel about “shut up.” I feel words are so powerful, so we must watch our words, especially with the people we love. One thing I do know is we are sisters and nothing will ever come between us, even if we don’t see eye to eye on everything. Regarding Dina, I could tell something was lying heavy on her heart and she wanted to tell us something. I never thought for a second she ever wanted to hurt us, but only help us.

I was so happy to see Jacqueline’s son Nicholas come so far and do so well with his speech. He’s a beautiful little boy whom I look forward to meeting one day, and he will continually be in my prayers.

May you all be blessed with a wonderful week!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo