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Nerdlist's 'Real Housewives Of Horror' Web Series Coming Soon!

Last year we shared the Nerdist's hilarious killer fabulous video entitled "The Real Housewives of Horror," which is a comedy parody of the Bravo hit reality franchise splashed with horror and gore. Upon it's first release, people were expressing of wanting it to be made into a full-on series. Brace yourselves because that wish has now been granted.

This week, Nerdist released their fall lineup and The Real Housewives of Horror was officially announced for a full on web series. I'm beyond excited, for those who actually know me, know that my love for the Real Housewives is just as strong for my passion and love for the horror genre, and no I'm NOT KIDDING!!

From the Press Release:
Summer may be coming to a close, but fear not! Nerdist Industries has a veritable cornucopia of new content premiering this fall to get you through the coming months.

Nerdist is coming out swinging with a fall lineup filled with some heavy-hitting content, including, but definitely not limited to: "Scott Ian's Bloodworks," which offers an exclusive look at the most impressive makeup and effects artists in the business from musician Scott Ian of Anthrax, and "The Real Housewives of Horror," a gruesome parody of, you guessed it, the "Real Housewives" shows, created by and starring Brea Grant ("Dexter," "Heroes") and executive produced by Kevin Pereira (G4's "Attack of the Show").

If you want something truly horrific, look no further than "The Real Housewives of Horror," which is exactly what it sounds like – Kevin Pereira and Brea Grant’s pitch perfect parody of those "Real Housewives" shows but with the assumption that all the Housewives are married to famous movie monsters, serial killers, and all manner of spooky, scary creatures. They’re at least as frightening as the actual Housewives, if not ten to seventy-five percent scarier.

“It is a privilege to work with Nerdist again,” says "RHOH’s" Kevin Pereira, “Very few companies ask if you can make the blood more splattery or the poltergeists more sexy.”

Check out the original "The Real Housewives of Horror" short clip below, and be sure to subscribe to the Nerdist YouTube Channel.

Source: Dread Central, Nerdist