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Lauren Manzo Reveals New Wedding Details, Is Dina Manzo Invited?

Lauren Manzo and her fiancé Vito Scalia got the wedding date set for next summer, the Manzo'd with Children star is sharing even more wedding details, including the very large guest list which will include everyone in her family. Does it include her estranged aunt Dina Manzo?

"We’re going to invite everyone in the family,” Lauren tells Radar Online, which includes her aunt Dina Manzo. "The engagement party was over 200 and I kept it small. I’d be shocked if we were able to keep [the wedding] under 400. I really don’t want a big wedding but I really don’t have a choice!"

The one thing that has been entirely Lauren's choice is her dream wedding dress that she picked out at Vera Wang last month. "My whole life, I dreamt of having a Vera Wang gown. Sure enough, it was it," she reveals of her custom gown. "I wanted a giant princess dress and it’s definitely a giant princess dress. It’s very simple, but the drama of it with the skirt makes it huge. Vera is the only one in my opinion who could do that princess style that I wanted… I really wanted a gown nobody else has.”

The bride will be walking down the aisle with 10 bridesmaids by her side, comprised of her cousins and close longtime friends. She initially planned on even doing her own make-up until mom Caroline Manzo talked her out of it. "I said to my mom, ‘I may do my own makeup because that’s what I do for a living.' She’s like, ‘No! You’re going to be so stressed. You can’t do your makeup yourself. We have to find somebody.’" She adds, "I’m definitely not going to do my own hair because I’m challenged when it comes to mine."

But other than those details, Lauren has relied on her family's expertise to guide her through the rest of the planning process. "I’m leaving it with my dad," she admits of a lot of the details. They're in good hands as Albert Manzo has over 30 years of experience running his catering and reception hall.

Lauren also admits that she's more excited for moving in with fiancé Vito Scalia than with the prospect of the wedding itself. "We don’t live together. We’re not allowed to sleep in the same bed. We’re not allowed to go on vacation together. So I’m more excited for him to be my husband and my life than for the wedding."

And the bride and groom are going to be starting their life and vacationing together right: with a honeymoon that will likely involve a trip to Hawaii.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo