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Kandi Burruss Dishes On Touring With Husband Todd Tucker!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss' tour schedule for her musical A Mother's Love is busy, as she is taking her musical on the road all over the country. The newlywed's original show—which is based on her own relationship with her mother and husband Todd Tucker—will be traveling to 26 cities coast to coast from now through December.

So how is the Grammy-winning songwriter/actress/producer/writer keeping her energy and her voice ready for all those performances? "I try to get a lot of rest while I'm out on tour. I don't stay out as much. No late night parties," she confesses to The Dish. "My voice always gets hoarse when I don't get enough sleep. I also make sure I take vitamins."

A Mother's Love is a family affair, produced by both Kandi and Todd, and the couple have been celebrating milestones together while on the road. "We celebrated our 5-month anniversary with the kick off of our tour in Columbus, Ga," Kandi reveals. "It was great to have such a big accomplishment that we made together happen on that day. We also received the key to the city of Columbus that day." (Check out the photo below).

Even Mama Joyce has joined the couple on the road over the past few months (meaning she has voluntarily been spending time with her son-in-law). "Things are great with Todd & I. My mom lightened up as soon as we said 'I do,'" Kandi says. "Now she is coming to some of our shows on the road and she does interviews to support us."

Kandi also shared that her backstage pre-show ritual involves prayer and an adorable selfie or two, including this loved-up one she posted with Todd recently.

The A Mother's Love tour will be coming through several major cities including Detroit, Miami, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and others. It will end its run in New York City on December 11-14, a stop that is extra special for Todd. "NY is Todd's hometown," Kandi explains. "I definitely want to party after our NY run because I can relax and celebrate then. I don't have to worry about getting hoarse!" she exclaims.

Check out all the tour dates below and get your tickets to see Kandi in A Mother's Love at Ticketmaster.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram