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Dina Manzo On The Rino Aprea Rumor: 'I Was So Torn On What To Do With This Info'

Dina Manzo is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Dina Manzo explains why it was so difficult to keep quiet about the Rino rumor. Dina writes:

"Hello all,

So I'm not one to use these blogs to defend myself, but I'm totally going there this week!

First I must say I'm not that useless in the kitchen! I will admit since Lexi and I gave up meat five years ago, and since I found out I'm allergic to gluten and dairy, I HARDLY cook anymore. I prepare really simple, clean food, and to me that's not really cooking. There's no heavy sauces or casseroles in Casa d'Manzo. It's lots of veggies and rice and quinoa -- kind of boring, but I don't have a choice! I DID make that yummy kale salad with fresh fruit and hummus dressing that you saw being put down on the table in Florida, so there you go! But like I said, my table will always look gorgeous and you can learn how to do this yourself at!

OK on to the next... I looked a little chunkier than I actually am in Florida. Two reasons -- one I had given up my exercise routine for the past four months, because our winter was so brutal. I was so lazy and not inspired to leave the house other than to work. I know that's no excuse, but I kind of get the winter blues. I'm such a nature girl, if I can't hike or walk outside I tend to lose my mojo, and I certainly did this past winter. In my defense though, how I can I look anything but chunky next to these girls? They are all gym rats and in incredible shape. The twins are a freak of nature, and let me tell you, in person they don't have an ounce of cellulite on their bodies. It's just not normal, LOL! I'm going to post a bikini selfie this weekend just to show America I do take care of myself.

Now on to the "secret"... I was so torn on what to do with this info. My first instinct was of course to let the girls know that someone was talking about their mother. If someone was talking about my mom, I would want to know so I could rip their face off. Not very zen, huh? Say all you want about me, but mention my kid or my parents and all bets are off. It was really bugging me; I literally was told the night before we left for Florida, and I couldn't sleep at all. Every time we were having fun, the guilt that I wasn't saying anything to them was overwhelming all other emotions, and I seriously became obsessed with the fact that I needed to tell them.

I was surprised TerEsa didn't want to hear it and right away. I was like, OK, Dina, shut your mouth, and so I did. It was a lose-lose for me... I've learned that there's actually a term in therapy for the position I was put in! Learn more on my after party on about what to do when put in this position and how you can handle it in a healthy way. I so wish I had this info before I went to Florida!

Next week's episode is a doozy, and I can tell you I haven't cried like this is a VERY long time. As a sensitive empath and pisces, I absorb feelings around me, and let me tell you the range of emotions in that house was overwhelming! There was anger, sadness, frustration, fear, envy, sorrow, and on and on. Everyone had someone there to support them but me, and it was something I hope I never have to experience again... Like I said, Scary Island ain't got nothin' on Jersey."

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo