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Details Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 6 Finale Showdown!

After a slow start, this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey exploded last week with claims that Teresa Aprea‘s husband, Rino, had cheated on her with her mother, Santa. According to Radar Online, Producers waited until that episode aired to film the season’s final episode earlier this week, and the site is reporting that the swirling rumors ignited on-camera in a maelstrom of screaming, crying and violent threats!

The ladies of the Garden State got together earlier this week at an event for Dina Manzo‘s charity, the Lady Bug Project, and Bravo cameras were in attendance. Amber Marchese‘s husband, Jim, was banned from attending because Teresa and Rino blamed him for telling Victoria Gotti about the incestuous affair, according to an insider.

“Producers waited to film the finale until after the explosive episode about Rino and his mother-in-law having sex aired because they wanted to get that raw emotion captured on camera,” the source said. “And it worked!”

According to the source, “Teresa and her twin sister Nicole went after Amber for what they say are lies Jim is spreading about the family. Dina got very upset that everyone was fighting at her charity event, and Teresa Giudice just hung back and let everyone else act like fools.”

“There was plenty of alcohol flowing at the event because producers were truly hoping there would be another moment similar to Teresa Giudice’s infamous table toss,” the source said. “But even though it didn’t get quite that dramatic, there were plenty of tears, yelling, and threats of violence.”

Photo Credit: Bravo