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Brooks Ayers Responds To Scandalous Leaked Videotapes Revealing Cheating And Violence

Brooks Ayers, has been romantically tied to Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County, most recent Ayers has come under fire for a series of leaked videotapes. Brooks Ayers is responding to his admissions of cheating on Vicki Gunvalson and using “violence” against her in a drunken fight.

Brooks gave a statement exclusively to RumorFix:

“Timing is everything. Interesting to note that the audios and videos recently released were recorded over a year ago about events that occurred several years ago. I chose to deal with this privately with loved ones whom I hurt, certainly not publicly as it was no one else’s business.”

Brooks continued, “Also interesting to note that the individual who recorded and released these is paid by the person that I’m in a federal lawsuit against. In addition, the same individual released several private text messages and the infamous audio of me last year. Trial is nearing, timing is suspicious. Also, interesting to note that the editing of the recordings lead one to draw conclusions that simply aren’t true. Again, timing is intended to provide a sense of panic on my behalf but please know that my attorney is and has been taking appropriate legal action.”

Brooks wrapped up with saying, “I’m hopeful that the legal process will reveal the truth along with swift justice for wrongful actions.”

Brooks also clarified via Radar Online that the “violence” used towards Gunvalson was “never a hit or a slap.”

Photo Credit: Bravo