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Andrea Moss Reveals The Reason Why She Quit The Real Housewives Of Melbourne!

Andrea Moss may be gone but not forgotten, the mother of three decided not to return for season two of the hit reality show. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail, the former Real Housewives of Melbourne star reveals for the first time the real reason why quit the Foxtel hit reality show.

'I just ran out of outfits' said Moss. 'I love the show and can't wait to watch season two but I had to quit because I ran out out outfits. I had completely and utterly exhausted my wardrobe.'

'I can now wear daggy old things; I'm at work today in my track pants and I'm absolutely loving it. I can wear all the tatty old things that I couldn't on the show.'

'We had make-up artists and wardrobe people who encouraged us to stay true to our individual styles and sometimes I was urged to wear four oufits a day. I must have worn more than 60, 70 dresses, if not more, and I was being sent gowns by designers towards the end of the show.'

'The outfits and the sheer time it took to film, looking after the kids and going to work meant it turned out to be a massive juggling act and commitment. I wish all the girls well and can't wait to tune in for the next season,' said Moss.

How does Andrea feel about her her former co-star Gina Liano?

'I saw Gina the other day and we kissed hello. There was no animosity and I wasn't pushed from the show'

We wish Andrea nothing but the best, once a housewife always a housewife!

What do you think of Andrea's reason for quitting #RHOMelbourne? Tell us in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Foxtel