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Vote For Your Favorite Real Housewives Star To Win E! Online's 'Best Housewives Ever!'

For the first time, E! Online is setting out to name the "Best Housewives Ever," via a mega bracket-style tournament, and the voting has already started. They rounded up 64 of the housewives, from current and past seasons, and they want you to vote for your favorites. Over the next couple weeks, they'll whittle them down to your #1 pick for the Best Housewife Ever.

So...Why are the stakes so high? Bragging rights—in front of millions! The winner will be announced via E! Online and all of their social media platforms, with a reach of 30 million people. The winner also will be invited onto the E! News set to receive a prestigious (and, possibly, hilarious) award trophy, to be aired in front of the global E! audience.

There you have it, and don't forget to vote for your favoeite(s).

Happy voting! May the best Housewife win!


Source/Photo Credit: E! Online, NBC