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Vanderpump Rules Star Kristen Doute Explains The Real Reason Behind Her Black Eye!

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute has raised a lot of eyebrows lately after many reports surfaced that the reality star got a black eye during the Vanderpump Rules' finale party at SUR. Doute took her social media page to address these rumors, the #PumpRules star makes it clear that she was not involved in a cast dispute and explains how she really got her black eye, check it out below!

On Tuesday, Aug. 19, Doute tweeted, "I am on a cooking kick because my left eyelid is still black and swollen and I refuse to go out in public. You win some, you lose some."

Although the tweet may not have meant much in and of itself, the fact that it came around the time of a SUR Lounge party seemed to hint at cast drama. Last week, the "Vanderpump Rules" season three finale filmed in Los Angeles, but luckily, Doute's injuries weren't the result of the bash.

"I fell on my face. There might have been vodka involved. and wine. and champs. not even a good story," Doute later explained. Then, after the rumors continued, Doute returned to social media, telling fans, "Oh god these dot com tabloids and their bullsh*t stories. My black eye is a result of friday night's outings, not the sur party."

We're just glad to hear that Kristen is ok. I can't wait for the new season of #PumpRules to start!

Photo Credit: Bravo
Source: Examiner