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Teresa Giudice On Jim Marchese: He Lied Right To My Face

Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa Giudice thinks the way Jim Marchese spoke to her was out of line and states that she doesn't blame Amber for her husband's actions, Teresa writes:

"Hello Sweethearts!

Well you got to see the circle of life at the Giudice family farm this week as our dog Simba got to know our new chickens. It was traumatic for poor Gia, but it’s part of life. We didn’t get 100 chickens, but we did get more, we’re at 13 right now, and yes, we still have them. One of the girls’ jobs now is to go and gather eggs every morning. They love it and the eggs are really good! I loved seeing Milania on the actual farm with Joe, because I didn’t go with them. Milania is afraid of nothing and makes friends with everyone. "Hi Jean, I’m Milania." She cracks me up. I love that girl.

Even though I’ve never been personally into them and don’t have any myself, I thought it was cute that Dina and Lexi got matching tattoos of hearts on their wrists. They really are best friends. I love it. Maybe it’s something I would do with my girls when Audriana turns 18. Never say never, right?

As for the ugliness of the first responders party and what came after, I will say I’m very proud of my brother for keeping his cool. Jim Marchese came at him, said terrible things, and he didn’t take the bait. I did feel sorry for Amber because she was just in a physical fight and what her husband was saying wasn’t her fault. But I wanted to hear the rumors about what Jim said directly from him. So I asked him. And he lied. Right to my face. That is not what an honorable man does. Dina and I were giving him the benefit of a doubt, trying to be nice to him, and he got even madder and uglier with us. You don’t need to speak to women like that, you don’t need to speak to anyone like that.

Then we got to hear Jim’s little lawyer speech. There are no words. What professional talks like that? I know Amber tries to defend him saying he was protecting her and got dragged into all this, but that amazingness was all said in an interview with him, apart from the fight. No one tricked or forced him into saying those awful things. That was all him.

As I said though, I don’t blame Amber for her husband. Amber has always been very nice and gracious to me. I try and see people for who they are, not who they’re married to. Although her taste in facials does leave a lot to be desired! Bird poop, are you freaking kidding me?

Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice and check out my website at for recipes and info about Fabulicious Desserts, Fabellini, and my family. Love, love, love you all!"

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo