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Sonja Morgan: 'I'm Private Outside Of The Show'

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja explains why you don't hear all about her businesses and why the other Wives were being mean-spirited. Sonja writes:

"Here we go. I'll try to highlight what I can, but what a circus. The glass WAS plastic like that one at the Reunion. Ramona apologized over and over. It was a knee-jerk reaction to being provoked over and over. It's not OK to throw things.

George did intentionally grab her arm at a charity for women against violence. Ramona did not intentionally hurt Kristen. The way LuAnn talks about the cut inside Kristen's lip you'd think she was a doctor instead of a LPN. Or at least an RN. She really hit the nail on the head. That area inside the lip really gushes. Kristen really milked it for all it was worth and definitely is not accepting the apology.

I'm glad I talked Ramona into forgiving Aviva at my tea party. It's been so much more peaceful without Aviva wigging out on us. It was obvious to me she was suffering from all the ailments she claims to have. She told me the dust in Montana was the most dangerous. Ramona couldn't jog it was so dusty.

I do remember Carole saying she had an open relationship and that she and Russ see other people when shopping with Aviva. So I do think Aviva was right with her comment -- but it doesn't mean a girlfriend dates another girlfriends guy! I don't go out with other girls' guys. I get my own. I don't remember if Russ flirting with me in St. Barths was that heavy. I don't care. I'm sure Russ doesn't either. I was just being dramatic. I don't remember if the dingbat look on my face after the facialist said "word on the street" is I had a fling in LA with Russ was me playing, but I don't know why Carole cares. It was just a joke. I said I wasn't in LA or with Russ right way on the balcony. She knows I'm not that kind of girl. She also knows I didn't take the young captain's number in the Berkshires because I wanted to see HIM. I didn't even want to leave the girls that night to see the son of Willie Nelson, Luca, who was staying with him and invited me through the captain. Hence the reason to get the captains number, and I was nudged to get the number.

Carole also knows in London there was a man that liked me, and was calling our room persistently, I didn't answer and I didn't follow up with him either -- though someone one else in our group fancied him and nudged me to answer.

I'm actually very focused on my business affairs and taking care of my daughter all day long. You don't see my business meetings or my board meetings, as they are private. I'm private outside of the show. However my interns love the show! So that works out well, doesn't it? It suits their major and it suits me. It's very gratifying to see others do well. I'm not a jealous person. I'm a healer. I have my certificate for healing energy work (No I'm not spread too thin). I am a manifesting generator. I don't envy others. I wish well on others. When I made the comment about LuAnn having her settlement and shopping, spending time with her friends, and having Jacques all the time that was in direct response to her saying I don't spend time with her. It meant that I don't have time to do those things because I don't have a settlement and because I have my nose to the grindstone. So it does hurt me when I see others doubt my support. LuAnn says I wasn't there until she came back on the show. As soon as the show starts, we all speak again and LuAnn came over before the season started and bullied me, so that's another reason I didn't call her then, which I also made clear to her.

I understand Ramona saying she doesn't want to be around George. Aviva can't change her dad. When we heard George was with Cody we were hoping he would turn a new leaf. I love LOVE and just want them both happy.

Harry has asthma and he used to whip his thing out during sex -- the inhaler thing. Asthma had me stretching my neck and Ramona covering her ears. Simultaneously. How funny are we together? I was leaning in and inching closer and closer until I was actually on her train and she had to complain about it to Andy. We banter back and forth like sisters.

Who could insult Edie Beale? Grey Gardens is legendary. Lu IS all over the place -- with mean insults to a pal who is in the process of paying a business lawsuit judgement, after giving hundreds of artists (like her) jobs in the movie industry. Wasn't she a singer? A writer? I'm a movie producer, performer, special event company, writer, and artist as well. Thanks for the support.

I texted Heather to say I was going to France that I had to get financing on my home there or sell it and that's why I would not be able to make her Anniversary party. She texted me back and said, "Cool give me a call when you get back," but then on the show says I'm a bad friend for not coming to her party? I sold my house in France. I'm working towards paying a 7 million dollar judgement and keeping act together. Then they say I'm scattered and not focused? I'd say I'm focused. Doing what I need to do.

I do meet with many of the business opportunities that come my way, but like I say I'm not going to put my name on just any product unless I feel confident it's going to be a home run and not a distraction to the matters at hand. The first movie I produced starred an Oscar winner and received two awards. All the properties I invested in are award-winning properties as well -- one garnered the highest price paid in Westport one year, and when I was managing my ex-husband's yacht it was voted "Most Chartable Yacht" by Yacht Magazine.

I'm very proud of my Sonja In The City events and have featured many of them on the show and I think you can see they're quite a success. For the girls to not applaud me at the Reunion for the many parties with wonderful sponsors, vendors, entertainment and support that I give to my many philanthropic efforts is just down right mean-spirited. I've been doing PR and marketing since I first graduated, and they all know that. It comes naturally to me to promote others. It's what I love to do.

I also think the viewer knows very well what a lifestyle expert is if they have been watching me Sharpie my bags, use a bottle brush to clean the toilet, glue my hangers with crazy glue, cook in a toaster oven, make flower arrangements from the corner deli, and pick up an orchid at Home Depot and put it in a French cache pot. It's someone that knows how to work with what they have and to do with less when necessary but still live a life of luxury -- when you don't have all the money in the world and even when you do."

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The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

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