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Recap: RHOMelbourne Season 1 - Episode 3

We're back for another Real Housewives of Melbourne recap. On this week's episode. Janet and Jackie head to Andrea’s skin care clinic ‘Liberty Belle Clinic Centre’ because Jackie needs her daily douse of Botox. Jackie goes for moral support however she is also curious to see how the botox process works. Andrea greets the ladies and Andrea’s husband, Dr. Chris Moss starts injecting botox. Jackie seems shocked meanwhile Janet takes it like a pro! Next, Jackie tells Janet about her meeting with Gina. Jackie says that everyone deserves second chances and tells her that she decided to invited Gina to her housewarming party.

Next, Andrea and Lydia go shopping to find the perfect housewarming party for the Rock star couple. Lydia tells Andrea that they should go out of town to ski and enjoy some snow and they both agree to invite Jackie only. Andrea reveals that she’s never spend a day away from her family then Gina becomes the topic of conversation. Lydia tells Andrea that she’s going to meet with Gina later on in the afternoon to help her decorate her new apartment since Lydia is currently studying to be an interior decorator.

Lydia pays Gina a visit at her new apartment and gives her some ideas on how to decorate the apartment. Then Gina tells Lydia about her meeting with Jackie. All this she said, he said thing is so confusing, Lydia is getting confused and so am I. Gina reveals that she did in fact decided to ‘dump her partner’s ass’, as Jackie predicted however Gina makes it clear that she was not influenced by what Jackie said. Gina’s reasoning was solely based on her relationship being ‘geographically impossible.’

Next Jackie and Ben meet with Georgie and Tommy, their party planners to discuss how they want the housewarming party to be. Jackie and Ben decide to have a Mexican theme party, since Jackie and Ben love Mexican music, food and of course tequila. Did I fail to mention that also because Ben looks Mexican? Si Senor! Jackie states that she still wants the party to be chic, classy and very rock n’ roll. Since I’m Mexican-American, I approve of this theme party Jackie, ARRIBA! Shine, Shine, Shine or should I say it in español instead, Brilla, Brilla, Brilla! Jackie and Ben do not want any gluten or diet type of food, they want regular carbs, my type of people, now that’s a true Mexican party, and trust me I know my Mexican food BLOOP!

Lydia and her husband Andrew decide to go shopping like every ordinary family and fly off in their private Jet (sarcasm people!) They fly to King Island just to buy some cheese, yes people you read that right, cheese. So if I want pizza or a cheeseburger I'm going to call Lydia so we can fly on her private jet to McDonald's or Domino’s Pizza because driving is so 2013 lol. Next Jackie visits Chyka at her Capital Kitchen Food Store to get some business and branding advice. Jackie tells her that she is switching from creating a tequila brand to a cocktail brand instead because due to her psychic abilities, the angels felt it was the best way, gotta love her. Jackie reveals the name of her cocktail line will be called La Mascara which means The Mask in Spanish, I personally love it. Chyka finds Jackie’s ways of doing business strange, especially since she consults with her angels, she believes that Jackie will soon find out how hard it is to manage and run a business.

Gina pays Andrea a visit and play catch up. Gina fills Andrea in on her meeting with Jackie and all the misunderstanding between the two aka Chinese whispers. Gina opens up that approximately 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer and was given a 35% chance of survival. Gina says the first thing she turned to was her faith and she became very spiritual. Gina says her religion states that what Jackie does is not guided by God but more so it’s demonic, now all of this makes perfect sense now. I understand Gina’s point of view, I may not agree with her but I respect where she’s coming from. I honestly think if Gina would have told this information to Jackie, there wouldn't be so much drama between the two but since this is the Real Housewives franchise, we know that's not the case. Gina starts to cry, I'm so glad we got to see a vulnerable side of her, and I'm so glad she survived because now the world knows how amazing she is, way to go Gina!

It's time for the Rock star power couple’s housewarming party, so get your tequila ready and get ready to #shineshinesine. Andrea and Lydia are the first ones to arrive which they are greeted by tequila shot, every guest must take a tequila shot before entering the party. Next to arrive are Chyka, then Janet and last but not least Gina. Jackie and Ben open Andrea’s and Lydia's housewarming gift which are some head pieces, Janet gift was a crucifix and Gina gift to Jackie was some jewelry she got from the US. Andrea finds it inappropriate to give jewelry for a gift, but I agree what Jackie said, “any gift is appreciated.” Chyka gives Jackie some items from her Capital Kitchen Food store and Andrea throws some shade about it.  Does it matter? A gift is a gift right?

Lydia and Andrea tell Jackie that they want to invite her to go somewhere out of town to the snow and the mountains, and she accepts. Meanwhile Gina tells Chyka and Janet that's she's single again, Janet and Chyka are happy for Gina and also because they were not invited to the snow and the three of them agree to have fun while the other ladies go out of town. Next the ladies start dancing and even though none of these ladies have any rhythm, at least they’re having fun.

Gina finally meets Ben for the first time, then Ben brings up the infamous meeting between Gina and his wife and all hell breaks loose. Gina tells Ben she’s not a believer and maybe Jackie is too sensitive, Ben says he will defend his wife regardless if she wrong or right but the drama it’s too much for him and he decides to walk away. Soon Lydia joins the ladies and she is put in the hot seat. Gina and Jackie confront Lydia. Lydia still insists that Gina said she didn’t believe anything that Jackie says which is true, but Gina disagrees with Lydia because she said that’s not exactly what she said which is also true, at this point I don’t even care anymore who said what. Nothing get’s resolved and Gina leaves the party and the episode ends there.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs every Sunday at 12pm on Bravo!

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