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Recap: #RHOMelbourne Season 1 - Episode 2

We're back! On Episode 2 of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Lydia goes shopping and brings her stepson, Sam along with her. Lydia goes to a clothing boutique which Christine owns, I forgot the name of it and I'm too lazy to rewind to the episode on my DVR! According to Lydia, Christine is well known in the fashion industry and not just in Australia but world wide. Lydia ends up buying a clutch worth $1,800 dollars, Lydia then decides to try on some dresses while her stepson takes pictures on his cell phone and sends them to his dad for approval.

Next, Gina explains that she told her partner what Jackie predicted about their relationship. Apparently her partner got so mad that he booked Gina a first class ticket to Miami so they can spend a whole week together. Seems strange, but whatever Gina has to do, I'm with her! Before going overseas, Gina goes shopping at Versace when she gets a phone call from Lydia. Gina tells her that she's leaving to the US to spend time with her partner. Lydia thinks it’s because of what Jackie said which Gina responds: “I don’t believe anything she says anyways really, well not anything she obviously does have some credibility”. Gina says she’s been working too much and needs a break.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Ben want to get in the alcohol business and create their own tequila brand. They meet up with a mixologist to get some ideas and of course try some tequila. Jackie says every rock star couple should create a brand, basically what Jackie wants, Jackie gets, I don't need to be a psychic to see that, even her husband agrees, cheers everyone!!

Next, Lydia and Jackie meet up at an art gallery to catch up. Lydia is still not 100% sold on Jackie’s “angels” so she tells her if she can pick up anything from her. Jackie tells her that she does see another child, and it’s going to be a boy with curly hair. Lydia seems surprised and not in a good way because she doesn't want anymore kids. Then they talk about the whole Gina psychic reading situation. Lydia tells her that Gina left to Miami that morning and that Gina told her partner what Jackie had said about their relationship. Lydia then tells Jackie that Gina told her that she did not believe anything what Jackie says, which it's true but she forgot to add that Gina also said that Jackie does have credibility. I honestly think Lydia didn't mean to get herself involved in this, this whole he said, she said fiasco is going to turn into a hot mess, welcome to the Real Housewives franchise ladies.

Next, Andrea Moss introduces her infamous checklist. Andrea created a checklist for her kids and the nannies. basically the nannies are responsible to make sure the kids follow every instruction. The nannies even have a nanny cell phone, but they can only use it when they takes the kids to the park, and the phone is only to be used to talk to Andrea or Chris only, the cell phone has no internet, ouch but bravo to Andrea. Andrea admits that before she meet her husband Chris, she had no interest in being a mother but when she meet her husband all that changed and her kids are her main priority. Andrea and Chris believe that the checklist shows their kids discipline and if any of their nannies don't follow the checklist rules, they will get fired. Andrea explains that a lot of her girlfriends love her checklist which Andrea believes she’s the perfect person to write a book for all working mothers. According to Andrea, the book will provide you the tools to manage and balance family life, kids and business, all inspired by her experiences and of course, her checklist.

Chyka wants to organize a nice dinner event for all the girls to get together to show them how she runs her game. I love Chyka, I feel like she's the most grounded and humble one of the group. Next, Jackie tells her international rock star husband what Lydia told her about Gina's thoughts on her. The more she thinks about the situation, the more upset she's getting. Next Janet decides to take Jackie’s advice to sell some of the jewelry that her ex husband gave her. Janet goes to the jeweler and brings Chyka with her for moral support. Since Janet doesn't want to sell her jewels, she decides to melt them down and create a new jewelry piece.

It’s time for Chyka’s event and in Chyka’s style, she sends out a limousine to pick up all the wives. The ladies arrive at their location and they are impressed how Chyka organized everything. The ladies sit down for lunch and Gina becomes the topic of the conversation. Some of the wives think that what Jackie told her in her reading, is why Gina decided to see her partner in Miami, maybe to confront the situation? However, Chyka makes a valid point, if that's what Gina needed to do to see if she could find any truth to it then more power to her. Chyka's husband, bruce joins the ladies for lunch and damn he's HOT, he's my type of guy. Chyka remember, sharing is caring girl (wink wink). Jackie then invites all the ladies for her upcoming housewarming party.

Next Jackie’s friend, Henry Roth who is a fashion designer and the one who designed Jackie’s wedding dress, pays her a visit. They both catch up with a glass of champagne and she tells him about Planet Toorak and the ladies. Jackie tells Henry that when she married Ben, they both agreed to renew their vows every year, but they haven't had the chance to do it since they've been busy. Jackie decides to try on her wedding dress just to make sure it still fits, which it does. Ben arrives and is mesmerized by Jackie, it reminds him that he still needs to keep that promise to her of renewing their vows. You can tell these two love each other, they have fun together and they have great chemistry. They are great together, shine shine shine!

Gina returns to Melbourne! She says she confronted her partner and asked him if he was unfaithful. Gina says her partner denied everything, and Gina says she believes him. Gina explains that her partner wants her to move with him in the US however she is not ready to do that yet at the moment. Next, Jackie tells her husband Johnny Depp (all in good fun, Jackie) that she wants to invite Gina to the housewarming party but first she needs to confront her about what she said about her. Jackie gives Gina a call and they both agree to meet at a local coffee shop.

Jackie and Gina meet up and Jackie doesn't waste any time to tell Gina what Lydia told her what she said about her. Gina tells Jackie that that's not what she said and she shouldn't quote it, it's all a Chinese whisper and in court, that would be dismissed since it’s not actual evidence. Gina tells Jackie that she did say something of that nature however she deals in fact. Gina says she doesn't believe that her partner is being unfaithful. Jackie then brings up that Gina asked for the reading which is why she told he about her grandmother, then Gina says “that's not my grandmother, that's a demon”. Jackie is taken back and asks Gina, “What’s a demon?” Gina tells Jackie that the bible says anything with sorcery etc is considered demonic. This pisses Jackie off, Gina insists it's not her grandmother, but it's a demon and Jackie tells her "you're acting like a demon". Gina says it's not a battle because she already won. Jackie cries out of anger because she is hurt that Gina would doubt her profession, Gina says it’s not that she didn't believe her psychic readings, she just didn't believe that her partner was unfaithful. At the end of the day, they both agree to disagree and Jackie tells Gina not to ask for any more reading and they leave it at that and the episode ends there.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sundays at 12:00pm on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Foxtel/Arena