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Lizzie Rovsek: I Am Not Proud Of Calling Tamra "Crap" Or "Insecure"

Lizzie Rovsek is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lizzie isn't proud of calling Tamra names at dinner, but says it's actually Tamra who's on the attack. Lizzie writes:

"I hope everyone is having a great summer. I can't believe we are already into the middle of August. We are enjoying the rest of our summer back in California and I have been really busy getting ready for Swim Collective, a big swim show here in Southern California where I will be showcasing Sun Kitten Swimwear 2015.

I have really been enjoying my boys and it's so fun to see them grow and develop. They are at such fun ages and everything is a discovery and every day they are aware of something new and are saying new things. They make me smile continuously.

The Bali trip is coming to an end and I think we are all ready to go home.

First, let's talk about our outfits on the way to the temple. We had an itinerary, and on this day it said to wear workout clothes. So, I packed workout clothes for this afternoon excursion. In addition, when you go to the temples they wrap you in a sarong; so having on shorts isn't disrespectful in any way. So funny Tamra pointed out my shorts, sure looked like she had on some short little shorts herself. I’m starting to wonder if she’s obsessed with my legs. She seems to always be so concerned at what I’m wearing. . .

It’s funny to me watching Tamra talk to Heather and Vicki about me in the lobby that morning. Tamra seems like someone that just wants to be mad or has to be right all the time. It’s becoming more and more evident that she can’t get over the 'Shag, Marry, Kill' game. Every time she tells the story she tells it differently. If her husband said he wanted to shag me maybe she should be mad at him, not me, I didn’t say that he did. Get over it!

The next day I was so happy to be able to relax at the pool and just hangout with Danielle. This has been a very eye-opening trip for me. Never in my life have I known anyone like Tamra. It's apparent that she seriously has it out for me. Her interview bites are just appalling to me. It's one thing to get upset and say something in the heat of the moment, but to be that ugly on a daily basis and to say such vulgar things about another woman is so tacky to me. Happiness comes from within and I don't see Tamra as a happy person. I really do think that with the birthday debacle, she could have really taken that and been the bigger person and just said, "Gee, Lizzie, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings." And for the record, she has never apologized. I feel like she's running with a burning hot coal. It seems like she is taking the "Shag, Marry, Kill" game to the bank and has been repeating her alleged story over and over again to convince herself (and everyone else that I said something I didn't). There is only one story, and that is the truth.

Everything that I shared with Shannon about things that Tamra said about her were all things said ON THE SHOW. Danielle and I told her what was said to just her. We didn't tell her in front of the whole group. Tamra is two-faced and I don’t think it's cool. I would never stand for a friend like that in any group of my friends. I would hope that any friend of mine would tell me if someone was talking cruelly about me behind my back also. Shannon went to Vicki on her own, to talk about Tamra. When Vicki and Shannon came back to the cabana, the women told me a lot of things that Tamra was saying about me, too! They told me she basically assassinated my character. I don’t think I've ever had my character assassinated. It was interesting to hear that she was talking so poorly about me.

I feel like Tamra does a lot of projection from her own life. I read her blog from last week and I must say, what an ugly essay. How dare she say anything about my family or me as a mother? How dare she say I was drunk when I was absolutely not at the Valentine’s party. She was EXTREMELY RUDE to me after the game and visibly bent out of shape over the game. I called her out on the game because that was why she was being so rude. In no way does it give her any merit to say or do any of the things that she has done to me. It’s character defamation. In my experience when people reach at those things about other individuals it says so much more about them. I’m trash, vile, self absorbed, foul, nasty and now I’m a bad mom, family doesn't mean much to me? WOW! Is she talking about herself or me? What’s next is she going to write my cell phone number on the bathroom wall? Oh, wait she did that, too. I don't even have to say anything about Tamra Judge. The way she acts and the things that come out of her mouth speak volumes about her character and integrity.

It’s important to understand that everyone was just really hurt by Tamra. Not one of us had any intention to attack her or call her names. We just all wanted to confront her and defend ourselves. When we all arrived at the dinner, I had no idea what was going to happen. Tamra had been saying a lot of things about us and we just wanted answers and wanted to defend our honor. It’s clear to me that Tamra does not handle conflict well. She immediately goes into defense mode; fight or flight. Even in simple conversations.

Tamra was in fact the one that drank a lot at the Valentine's party and she told Danielle the very next day that she didn't even remember what happened because she drank so much. At the Valentine's party, I made a point to not drink. The party was on the tail of my birthday party, in which there was quite a bit of drinking, and it didn't end well. I had maybe a drink and a half and spent the entire night drinking water. Heather had special signature Valentine shots and I passed on those as well. I was NOT drunk in the least. I explained the 'Shag, Marry, Kill' game in great detail in my last blog. I am going to say it again and then stop defending myself. The truth is the truth. I pointed out to her, after she basically told me she screwed me over on my birthday on purpose, that she was just mad because her husband wanted to 'marry' me. She knows that I said that, too. She got up and repeated it at the door. Every time I try to continue to that part of the story where she REPEATED "marry you?" she gets louder and louder and I am not able to even speak.

For the record every time Tamra has retold the story it changes. . .First she said I said, "You're just being a bitch because your husband said he wanted to eff me’ and then she said I said, "You’re just jealous because your husband wants to eff me." Umm, I never called her a b-word and I never said she was jealous and I never said the F-word! Not this night and not in reference to this game. Sorry. Either Heather didn't hear, or she’s defending her friend, which is admirable. However, I just didn't say that and there were other witnesses in the room besides Tamra's camp. My husband and Danielle both know I said the word marry. Danielle's husband Joe, didn't even hear because he was having a conversation with Terry. Everyone was talking and laughing in their own conversations. Tamra and I were not having a public discussion; we were talking to each other. I wasn't on a podium and I didn't have a microphone. Yes, I 100 percent called her out on the game. But sorry, no I didn't say the F-word, simple as that. I know the truth and God does, too. In addition I apologized for calling her out the very next day.

I am not proud of calling Tamra "crap" or "insecure." I just couldn't help myself. She even attacked my marriage and said "Everyone knows you have a horrible marriage!" I'm sorry, why this woman has any room to speak about anyone’s marriage or parenting is beyond me. That was the last straw for me.

Tamra didn't have to run away screaming. She could have talked through these things with us. I saw her run away from confrontation with Heather at Shannon's Christmas party, she ran away from me at the Valentine party (when she was the one that was rude first) and she is now running away again. Seriously? A few things I have learned about Tamra: a) Don't invite her to any parties or special events b) Don't play games with her and c) Unless you want it to blow up in your face, don’t confront her on ANYTHING."

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