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Heather Dubrow: 'I Don't Know Why Tamra Told Vicki She Was More Angry At Me Than At Lizzie'

Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather's shocked that Tamra was so upset by the whole drama over the comments about Lizzie's dress. Heather writes:

"Off we go to Bali!

The first 23 hours of our trip were spent traveling. I have to say even though it was a LOOOOONG journey, it was pretty fun! I hope you liked my home movie on the airplane! Everyone was very excited to be traveling to such an exotic place and we were all getting along very well!

When we drove through the streets of Bali, it was so scary to see five to six people per mini Vespa! Little babies hanging off the back! There seems to be no actual rules of the road there, but miraculously everyone seems to merge without incident.

The hotel was lovely and I think everyone was so happy to shower! The rooms had these computerized toilets that open when you walk in the bathroom. They are heated and spray water in a bidet-like fashion to clean you every which way you can imagine! We all thought they were so fabulous! I actually just ordered them for the master bathroom in our new house!

Dinner the first night was maybe a little ambitious of us, we were all so hot and tired!

I had the Balinese crowns made for the girls because I thought it would be a fun way to kick off our trip! Everyone looked great in them and it was cause for a lot of laughter!

The meal was, um, interesting. I have to tell you that prawn mousse tastes as gross as it sounds. I was glad that everyone tried it though!

The next day: After a few hours on the beach and at the pool we were ready to head off on an adventure!

The car ride to the Elephants -- not so fabulous. Everywhere we went in Bali we were told it would take 30 minutes. Apparently "30 minutes" in Balinese means "two hours" in English!

Poor Vicki! Dry heaving isn't fun. . .But it was kind of funny! (Sorry Vicki!) Thankfully, she was feeling better when we arrived and we laughed A LOT on our beautiful Elephant "Cindy."

Dinner by the pool: This is the first time I felt any tension on the trip, which is too bad, because things were going so well.

Just for the record, Tamra did make fun of Lizzie's dress to me, but it's actually the same thing she said TO Lizzie via text. So no harm, no foul. I wasn't trying to stir anything up by the comment. I just thought it wasn't a big deal and it was the truth. If I wanted to make it an issue I would have brought it up in front of the others. I don't know why Tamra told Vicki she was more angry at me than at Lizzie because of that? Weird. We don't have to agree on everything and we can still be friends, right? I guess my comment got me disinvited from Vicki and Tamra's "after party." Oh well, I was happy with a long shower, a call to Terry, and a great book!

I had no idea what was discussed between Lizzie, Danielle, and Shannon out by the pool until I watched it on TV so I had no idea what was to come next. . .

You will see it all next week!

Until then. . ."

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The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo