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Fashion Friday: #RHONY Season 6 Reunion Fashion Review!

by: J Mitchell Sances

Fashion Friday is back! Today our friend J Mitchell from A Little Tea With My Fashion... is reviewing the looks from The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Reunion, J Mitchell writes: "It’s no secret that I am deeply entrenched in the cult that is Real Housewives. It’s like a secondary religion. Since season 6 of The Real Housewives of New York City is wrapping up, I have decided to dedicate my blog today to the ladies. And since this is a fashion-related blog, I will be discussing their reunion looks and awarding a Best Dressed and Worst Dressed."

Heather Thomson
Heather was wearing a medium length Valentina Kova dress. From the lighting and the color of the couch, I couldn’t tell if the dress was off-white or a very light pink, but either way she looked great. Even though she’s seated, you can tell the dress has some great movement to it. I’m not sure if Heather purposefully did this or not, but she’s giving us some June Cleaver, the prototypical housewife, at least in my opinion.

Kristen Taekman
Kristen was wearing a top by Christiaan Choy and a skirt by Lanvin. I guess I’ll give her a pass, begrudgingly, since she’s a rookie, but I don’t see this as a reunion look. The outfit looks cheap. Where’s the prom date and corsage?

LuAnn de Lesseps
LuAnn is technically not a Housewife this season, but she was at the reunion and frankly had more camera time than Aviva, so I’ll include her. (By the way, I think it’s pretty appalling that Bravo used so much of her and is treating her like a Housewife, but she doesn’t have the title or paycheck to go with it. Not cool.) LuAnn was shamelessly self-promoting by wearing a dress from her own Countess LuAnn Collection. But I guess since her pay was cut, she has to make money somehow. This is a pretty standard LuAnn reunion dress, but she’s proving Ramona wrong! This dress has two shoulders on it…well sort of…

Carole Radzwill
In order to show off her “great ass”, Writer Girl Carole was wearing a short gold and black dress. The word on the street is that Carole forgot who designed her dress, but it doesn’t much matter since I’m pretty sure the designer used a ghost-designer. I love her dress and her matching ombre hair. And it’s a good thing she’s crossing her legs in that picture… That’s all I’ll say about that…

Sonja Morgan
Sonja was wearing a hot pink gown with black lace appliqué on the sides designed by Lorena Sarbu. I love this dress. I can’t exactly put my finger on why I love it so much, but I think it’s beautiful. It’s a bright pop of color that pairs well with Sonja’s skin tone. The black lace on the sides frames her figure well and may even make her look slimmer than she is. Great design trick.

Aviva Drescher
Aviva “No-Soul” Drescher was wearing a gold gown designed by Cynthia Rose. Why is Aviva wearing steel wool? Does she plan on doing a lot of dishes later? I can safely say that I would never hug Aviva for fear of collapsing her delicate asthma-laden lungs, but who would hug her while she was wearing this? You’d come away with some serious lacerations.

Ramona Singer
Last, but not least, is the last original Real Housewife of New York City left standing, Ramona Singer. Ramona was wearing a sparkly blue gown by her signature designer Badgley Mischka. From what I recall, this is the first reunion Ramona has worn a gown. Typically her reunion dresses are shorter. I say this was a great choice. She looks chic and sophisticated.

Now who do I think were the best dressed and the worst dressed at the reunion? Drumroll…

Best Dressed goes to: Sonja Morgan; Honorable Mention: Heather Thomson

Worst Dressed goes to: Kristen Taekman

To read the complete review on the housewives and this season's reunion looks CLICK HERE!

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PS: Hannah will back blogging next month for another installment of Fashion Fridays!

All Photos Credit: Bravo