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Dr. Terry Dubrow: What I Should Have Done Is Go To The Reunion And Say ‘I’m Sorry’

Dr. Terry Dubrow made his debut on The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion this past Monday to address his issues with David Beador. Terry sat down with RumorFix to explain his side of the story and states that he got played and he apologizes for losing his cool. Check out what Terry had to say below!

The fight between Terry and David all started way back in Episode 6 of RHOC. Terry and his wife Heather Dubrow hosted a hoedown and David, who is married to Shannon Beador, is seen saying “spread your legs” to Heather as she rides the mechanical bull. Tamra Judge’s husband, Eddie, is also seen saying, “Show us how you ride Terry.”

Here’s what Terry tells RumorFix exclusively. He never heard what either David or Eddie said at the time of the taping. He only heard information third hand. “Some Housewives and others told me ‘David said horrible things about Heather and spreading her legs.’ It sounded like it was sexual aggression against my wife. No one said anything about Eddie.”

He continues, “I started to lose sleep over it. Then I was told that David knew I was upset, but he wasn’t concerned about it. So it infuriated me. Then I go to that dinner and I’m being told David will talk about it then. He comes up to me and gives me this apology, which I felt was too little too late.”

It wasn’t until a few days before taping the reunion that Terry actually saw the tape of what was said. He was shocked it was actually harmless. “I go ‘Whoaa that’s what David said?’ And I didn’t even know Eddie said anything. But based on what I saw I wouldn’t be mad at either one of them. My mindset was David said these terrible things.”

The plastic surgeon, who also stars on E!’s Botched, tells us, “I was played. They wound me up. They know the only way to get me going to to say something about my wife and kids. I’m sorry I lost my cool,” he tells us.

“What I should have done is go to the reunion and say ‘I’m sorry.’”  Instead Terry stuck his foot in his mouth when he compared David to the cliche of construction workers hollering at pretty girls.

“I apologize to all the people who use their hands out there. I’m a doubebag by accident,” Terry tells Rumor Fix. He also points out his father was a construction plumber and as a child he went to many construction sites. The cosmetic surgeon adds, “I’m a construction worker with a scalpel.”

Photo Credit: Bravo