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Dina Manzo: 'I Vow To Always Try To Hear The Other Side Of The Underdog's Story'

Dina Manzo is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Dina Manzo explains her comments about Jim Marchese and Melissa Gorga and dishes on her date and compares Amber Marches to Danielle Staub. Dina writes:

"Back in the day when I was writing blogs for Season 1, I remember saying even Mother Teresa would have an ---hole episode. It looks like this may be mine…well, at least one of them.

Let's start with my date. I came across as so cold, didn't I? Well I won't say it wasn't awkward, but I certainly was not rude to him. I didn't just turn down the hot yoga offer, I explained to him that I think hot yoga (or as I like to call it bacteria yoga) is so gross. Sweaty, smelly butt cracks in my face is not my idea of a good time, so that's why I said I doubt that will happen. I swear everyone in my life tries to drag me to hot yoga, so maybe there is something good about it and I'm just being a germaphobe nutcase.

Anyway...although there were no sparks on my date, I will say that Matt's mom raised him right. He's sweet and kind and a COMPLETE gentleman. We still keep in touch, and one day he is going to make some YOUNGER girl very happy! Oh yeah, and that BJ comment? My mother will be washing my mouth out with soap for sure! Oops!

Now let's talk about the first responders fall out and what I said to Amber's husband Jim. At this point in our relationship there was so much sexual talk between us girls that you didn't get to see. You know chicks get together, open a bottle of wine, and the giggles begin. Amber had shared some of her hysterical stories of shall I say…taking over in the bedroom with us, and I would tease her endlessly.

So calling Jim a bitch and telling Amber to shove it up his ass was COMPLETELY inappropriate but actually more of a joke, because I knew Jim didn't like it when I teased Amber about their bedroom life. It just went along with what I know would annoy Jim, but it was wrong and I'm sorry. And guess what? If he does, more power to him -- a healthy sex life is all about keeping it interesting. Watch my video on taking back that BITCH word here, and find out  why I don't put up with men talking down to a queen EVER.

Let's move on to our bird sh-- facials. I could have saved time and money and just stayed home and spread my parakeet poop all over my face, but Amber invited us and we did have things to discuss. I felt for Amber, I don't think she was completely innocent, but I don't like that all against one mentality. I am super sensitive to it, because looking back on Season 1 it was wrong to do that to Danielle. Although some made Danielle think she was not alone, trust me, she was. She did bring most of it on herself like Amber does, but I learned from that experience, and now I vow to always try to hear the other side of the underdog's story.

What I said about Melissa pertained to what was going on in this situation. Amber had made it CLEAR to us that Melissa had no remorse for her part in the fight. Other than that, I really don't know much more about Melissa than what you the viewer have seen. Like I said a million times, she's always come to my Ladybug events, so for that I like her. What went on between her and Teresa is not my business to discuss. It was brought to my attention that she dropped the bomb and walked away, and I agreed. You will see how things turn out between me and Melissa. But the bright side is it opened the door for Teresa to suggest that she and Amber work through it like they have. We shall see where that goes!

How cute were the heart tattoos Lexi and I got? It did hurt like a mother and guess what? The guy went easy on us because they hardly took! We've been trying to get them touched up for months now. I'll post a pic on my insta when we get them redone. This time I'll tape Lexi's mouth shut so she doesn't drop the F-bomb. My mom will have to double up on the soap so there's enough for both of us!

Lastly I want to talk about all the betrayal going on this week. I have to say I do admire TerEsa's loyalty to her sister Nicole, and it was so refreshing to see Joey Gorga stick up for Joe Giudice. That is how I believe things should be with family and long term friends. I am a FREAK about loyalty and I am loyal as a freakin' dog until you are not to me. Then guess what? I don't go out for revenge, I simply cut you out of my life as if you died. I am BAFFLED when I see people put their loyalty where it doesn't belong. I don't always agree with what my friends and family do, but I WILL ALWAYS have their backs. That is unless I've had a funeral in my head for you because you didn't have mine. Watch more here, and yes, the funeral in my head is real, I mourn your loss and then I move on. It may not be very spiritual, or perhaps it actually is...think about it.

While reliving the drama of this week's episode is, this week I had a cool opportunity to visit students at Lehman College in the Bronx taking my party planning course. I could not have met a more gracious and humble group of budding young event planners. It makes a mama bird proud! Please visit this week's after party here, and as always, for a good time follow me on social media."

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo

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