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Aviva Drescher: 'One Bad Apple Can't Spoil The Whole Barrel'

Aviva Drescher is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this season of The Real Housewives of New York City and her take on the reunion show. Aviva thanks everyone that made RHONY Season 6 a success, and finds the good in her fellow Housewives (minus Carole). Aviva writes:

"Hi All! And Bye for now!

Season 6 is over! What a rollercoaster ride for all involved. Reality shows are a huge production in every way. Behind the reality are some amazing people who must be thanked for all the fun, craziness, and laughter that you get to see on your screens. To everyone at Shed Media -- thank you for the opportunity and the fun -- and for always making us look so. . .good -- even as you made us seem so bad. You guys are so talented, patient, and kind while operating in this strange universe and delicately balancing work, feelings, production and reality. You have become like family over the past three years and I love you. To the crew on the ground: your ability to capture it all while remaining so invisible is astounding. Even when you giggled under your breath -- I DID hear you! Busted!

Thank you Andy Cohen and everyone at Bravo for this platform to help amputees and the physically challenged. Having this front row seat and backstage pass into the television world of pop culture has been incredible. I am truly grateful.

Most of all, thank you, the viewers. Even though I didn't always come out to good, I'm impressed by your involvement and loyalty to the show.

I am so honored to have worked with a group of women who have courage, strength, and tenacity. The Real Housewives of New York City are an amazing group of dynamic women who really can overcome anything once they have gotten through a season! I loved Ramona's wisdom and experience, Sonja's wit and humor, LuAnn's groundedness, Heather's strength, and Kristen's beauty (I could look at Kristen for hours...). Carole and I have had our differences this year, it's true, but I'm an optimist -- I try to find the good in everyone. With Carole, I'm afraid I've failed; I just can't find anything good there. Truly, there is no "there" there. But contrary to the old saying, one bad apple can't spoil the whole barrel. And I had a ball in that barrel. As life returns to normal, I'll miss it.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo